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Haywyre - Tell Me

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Aaron Venture, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Loving this, and I thought it deserved its own thread instead of just a chat paste.


  2. I was hoping to discover a new piece by you !

    Watched the video. The guy has tons of talent for sure. Respectfully, I think "One Man Bands" are the lamest thing.
    (He can't even get a real girl in his video)

    Just comes across (to me) like watching someone practice.

    I think my reaction was similar to this:

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  3. So true. This bass player gets to play with three women and he only has half a bass! Now, I'm not saying the silver mannequin isn't hot, but fake drums => fake women.

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  4. #5 Rohann van Rensburg, Nov 20, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
    If I'm gonna "one man band" I find this a bit more fun to watch:

    And if I'm gonna "one man electronic" then this is more up my alley (this is live), because I really love homemade sound and this guy is a genius at that:

    Kinda Daft-Punk-y though so it was pretty catchy and had some interesting production. Man I hate EDM(?) lyrics though.
  5. I worked in a restaurant for a while where the fairly-unstable owner/chef would literally play only one CD of these covers on loop. This immediately gives me nauseating flashbacks.
  6. Not my cup of tea.

    I'm in the middle of analysing this at the moment. They use a band live, but the songs are initially a one-man production. A surprising amount of modes showing up in this track.

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  7. Hah, good one!

    The video's just for show, it's not live.
  8. I hope I did not destroy your positive vibes. What can I say ? I'm an asshole and thus I like to shit on things.

    I'm just from a pre-youtube era. I don't get Jacob Collier either. Although when I first watched his performance I was
    impressed he made me utter a sentence I never thought possible in the english language
    "This is like watching Dream Theater .......only more lame"

    Since I have devolved this thread I would like to dedicate this gem to @Craig Dukerschein

    Enjoy my friend. Did I ever tell you about my axe ?

    @Mike Verta did you do the visuals for this masterpiece ?

  9. Hahah not at all, I enjoy your assholery. Keep it up, please!

    RedBanned needs more laughing emoticons.

    My. Sides.
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  10. It's funny. I kind of have a viscerally angry reaction to that, but I can't necessarily disagree. I find Dream Theater so divisive inside myself. Sometimes I think they're genius (and in many ways they are, considering what they did to pioneer a now quite popular genre), and other times I'm like "oh come on".
  11. Wow! I never imagined David Hasselbach could attain the same level of craftsmanship in music as he has as an actor. I have a hard time imagining him without seeing Pamela Anderson's body parts. Try it.

    You have alluded to axe ownership in subtle Freudian ways. Nothing that would hold up in court.

    I think of an axe every time my YouTube "Next Up" shows videos of Bob Ross who, as I remember, you provided a link to that I once watched. Now the Big Data has me down as a Bob Ross fan and everything associated with him; problem hair, wet-on-wet technique (often mistaken for a porn preference), color combinations found pleasant to optic nerve damage patients. It could take twenty years for the algorithms to de-link me from him.


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