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Have you ever tried to use SM 58 mic like a SM 57 (without capsule)?

Discussion in 'Current Gear' started by Daniele Nasuti, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Hi, I do not know if this is the right section, but since I should record an acoustic guitar I wanted to know if any of you have ever tried to use the SM58 without the capsule above (that unscrewing it can be disassembled.)

    Honestly, I'm a little afraid that using the microphone without the protection capsule can be damaged. What do you think?
    I have seen around that someone advises to remove that protection of the SM58 because using it without a capsule effectively becomes a SM57, which is more suitable for recording acoustic guitars for example.
    Is this thing feasible without doing damage? What do you think about?

    Thank you !!
  2. I know of people who do this. It's essentially the same mic. YouTube probably has videos on it.

    I also know of well known producers and engineers who use an SM58 in place of a 57, with the capsule on, for guitars and the like. That said, an acoustic guitar isn't going to sound great through an SM57 or SM58.
  3. Do you mean a condenser mic? I know that this would be better but I don't have money for that, so I was thinking about what would be better between a sm58 and sm57 for recording acoustic guitar.

    And in case you answer sm57 (which I don't have) I was just wondering to remove the grill of sm58 and have more or less the same results...
  4. I know the feeling! I just have a 57 here. Hoping to eventually get something better suited to acoustic instruments.

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  5. Wow, I didn't know that there was also an official answer.. thank you, I'm more reassured now! :)

    Don't worry, we can do very good and quality things also with cheap decent equipment; it's only requires more time and effort.. :) ;)
  6. No problem.

    Indeed! Although it's hard to fake a good mic. In the end composition and performance is what matters though.
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  7. Don't worry about damaging an SM58. Those things are built to be tossed on the ground, stomped on, swung around in the air, placed in front of a guitar amp turned up to 11, drooled on, pissed on, dunked in cocaine, etc., rock on!

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  8. :) I've also seen this
    I don't know if this video is reliable, but my question was if the mic would be robust also without the grill, and the answer I found is no, but you can use it without grill if you pay attention and don't hurt it etc. ;)

    PS. look at the official link sent by @Rohann van Rensburg
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  9. Those mics are incredibly resilient but if you take the grill off it will become vulnerable, as Shure mentions.

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