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Harmonic Development and Orchestrational Exercise

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Michael Lückgen, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Inspired by the great tips from the latest Unleashed (espacially the ones in part 2) I set out to do another piece.

    I wanted to exercise on the development part a bit more. Starting with a simple progression and mold it in different ways.
    Also, since I just bought new VSTs I wanted to try out different sounds.

    Here is the piece:

    I am wondering if the structure is working at all. Does it keep interest for you? What do you Guys think about the Melody and Development? Does the Orchestration work? I started with just piano and worked it from there as Mike said we should do.

    I myself think that the transitions between some sections sound amateurish, but I have no idea how to fix this. Also, after working on it for many hours I began to hate it, but I guess thats the composers curse.
    But I think I also made a little bit of progress in terms of composing, compared to my Unleashed piece, just by implementing the tips I heard.
    I am curious what you guys think! :)
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  2. I quite like the beginning and overall sound and vibe of your piece. But at about 0:40 I feel like you should have developed away from your main motif because it is fairly simple and as Mike says "the simpler, the sooner" for development.

    Can you please post the piano version of this too, for comparison? I feel like the rythm of your motif is so recognizable and often repeated, that together with the frequent orchestrational color changes for me it obfuscates the harmonic developments that you are doing. When I skip to random places in the piece I feel like too many places say to me "we're still doing the thing, but in a slightly different way", when I'd be hoping for more places to sound like "we're in a totally different part of the same story here", but when listening to the full track the transition to get there should sound like a natural journey. But don't ask me how to do that, these are the things I struggle with myself too :D.

    E.g. from 1:10 to 1:25, I think that is a really nice harmonic tension arc that I would enjoy on its own, but having the brass still do the - at this point to me overly familiar - rythm feels detrimental to me. I think I'd prefer that part to sound more clearly different, so that I can more enjoy when we get back to the familiar melody in the woodwinds after this part - contrast between fresh and familiar. You know what I mean?

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope any of my comments were helpful!

    Yeah, I can relate :(. But I wonder to what degree the rythm thing that I mentioned contributes to amplify that phenomenon. It would be interesting to hear for your next piece if it makes a difference to you how quickly you get tired of your own composition if/when you focus more on making "rythmic developments" too.

    I'm not very far in watching the latest unleashed, so if there's anything specific in there that I'm missing to understand what you are trying to do here, please let me know.
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  3. Thank you for your reply!

    sure, here it is (But keep in mind that is just a sketch and often not in rhythm):

    Yeah I know what you mean. But I have no idea how to do this o_O

    Okay very interesting. The rhythm was supposed to be the anchor of the piece. So that it is all still connected. But I think, as you said the idea is too simple so I should have moved on from it.

    Absolutely! Thank you for commenting :)

    I was referring to the thing Mike said basically to almost every piece after Caseys (
    ). Taking one idea and modulating/reharmonizing it would be a great exercise.
  4. What was the name of that house/thechno song you took that main motif from?
  5. I think you mean this?

    I played around a bit and stumbled open the motif. So good enough for an exercise I guess :)
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