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Group Transcription for this week?

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Doug Gibson, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. So I am FINALLY feeling back to my old self. Which means I have that back to feeling normal, motivated to get shit
    done vibe.

    Anyone up for a transcription challenge this week?

    I am going to tackle this one. It's not too hard, and.....gosh....... I just absolutely love it.

    It's amazing how something composed in the 50's still has a contemporary feel ----I think-- at least.

    Anyways, even if no one wants to go on the journey with me, some words of encouragement are most welcome for my own self-discipline.

  2. I'm in.

    Glad to hear it! Really.
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  3. Thanks !!!
  4. #4 Doug Gibson, Jun 21, 2020
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2020
    Yo......... @Aaron Olson

    Began on this today. Lend me your ears?

    It's kinda funny how much it sounds like a cool mix of two well-known compositions

    Part A - First motif.

    Part B - After the solo

  5. Did not have much time today for this. But I managed to push it along. At about the halfway mark.
    Always a good feeling when you cross that. I expect it will be ready in two days.

  6. Hey I’m in! Gettin shit done vibe is always good. Glad to hear your doin well Doug. I’ll start workin on something tomarow.
  7. Great! Are you going to also tackle "The High and the Mighty" or another score?

    Thanks for the kind words too!

  8. I'm lagging a bit (okay, a lot) but will catch up when I get a chance!
  9. Sounding good Doug! I never knew where that music came from. My Dad had a version by Warner Muller, back in the 60's. I listen to it from age 5 to 10 about a thousand times. You could make a good living as a professional whistler back in the 60's.

    What you need now is a trailer voice-over.
  10. no problem! Hey im going to do this opening part to "Willow." I was trying to transcribe "The Pagemaster" intro by Horner a little bit ago, but I couldn't figure out the damn rhythm. this has a very similar feel to it (actually exactly the same opening choir... lol), and I have the score now so this should be fun. ill post an update soon.
  11. wow yeah it does, I've never seen that movie but the music seems so familiar. nice work!
  12. Here is my update for today.

  13. Cool. What a long cue.

    Just make sure to do much as you can by ear first. Don't shortcut yourself.

    I don't have the score to "The high and the Mighty". :(

    It is for the best, however, as I don't think I would have had the discipline to not look.
  14. Well, well, well. Look who we got here. Mr. Dukerschein. Great to see you around these parts.

    How is your composing going ?
    Or are you still too busy licking every table in every mall to prove Donny is right about the hoax?
  15. I never compose enough, but I did knock out a tango recently. When I do write, I converse with a smaller version of you standing on my shoulder.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zurlsvt61dplu0y/New Year's Tango.wav?dl=0

    I went out to dinner last night (outside seating); first time since early March (I was an early adopter). I'm on a steady diet of Jim Baker's Liquid Silver COVID-19 preventer. I stocked up before the law suits started pouring in. Haven't gotten infected and my poop is metallic blue, which is cool. ;)

    @Aaron Venture posted in his "Who is this guy?" thread, a piece called Century of Flight, which I really liked. Then, after seeing your valiant attempt to get people off of their arses and start transcribing, I thought I'd get off my own silvery arse and start transcribing. Still sparse, but I'm making progress.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/evpcr3bva7ytudl/A Century Of Flight .wav?dl=0

  16. Hey, that is all coming along great! Bravo! Nice tango. I like the harmonic shift from: 43 to 50. I don't often like turnarounds, but this one and the one at 1:25 is really cool too. You must like them as well: you pause each time to let us prepare for your ensuing brilliance. :cool:

    Did you catch my "Tango of the Dad bod"?
    In case you don't know about the fad:

    I need to get a singer for it


    Dance, Dad bod, Dance
    Put us in a trance
    Pant size forty seven
    You’ll send us to heaven
    So come along and
    sing this song…….
    Dance, Dad bod, Dance
  17. Man, what a wonderful piece! This sounds like a fun challenge. I must admit, Tiomkin is one of the great composers whose work I am not too familiar with so it would be good to dig into this. Are we comparing scores or just mockups?
  18. Thank you! The two measure at 00:43, I think, are something from a Bill Evans album. I never took the time to search for it to be sure. Like a sponge.

    Yes! Your TDB, an attractive tune, put me in mind of writing a tango. The tango really is a physical rhythm, though not suited for a Dad bod as hard as one might try.

    This is the The High and Mighty I grew up with. My dad later said it came with a stereo Hi-Fi (as they called them) he bought sometime in the early 60s. It shows off the stereo potential with the extreme pans and motion panning as well as a cold war with the jet (at the start). The good old days, when all we had to worry about was nuclear war.

  19. I am happy to share my score with anyone who completes the task. As I've gotten towards the end there is some arranging in mine.

    My A.D.D gets the best of me.

    I can see the final barlines in my sight, so I will post the final version soon.

    My playback is just noteperformer as you can tell.

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  20. Wow !!! That is wild. Fantastic! I can see why you listened to that. Shag-a-delic!

    I have been listening to a lot of "Exotica" lately and the opening has echos of that. You most likely know this guy like the back of your hand
    but I just discovered this year the work of Les Baxter. When I was at the NY Phil, I had never heard of Andre Kostelanetz.
    I kept on smiling every time I heard his work. So silly, but so wonderful.

    Out of looking for more things like Kostelanetz I discovered Les Baxter (We may be hearing the "ghosting of Nelson Riddle)

    I posted a file I called "Relax" --- just made it up in a split second, but that is really a transcription (with Gibson A.D.D added) of a tune called Quiet Village.

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