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Grand Guilds - Main Theme (Critiques, Comments, Suggestions!)

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Eduardo Lopez, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Hello again!

    I wanted to share the Main Theme for a Videogame I´m scoring. This was particularly an exercise in development, since I´m only using one motivic idea for the whole piece, going through several moods related to the game story!

    I would welcome very much any suggestions, comments or critiques!

    *This is not a mockup, it´s just the playback from Noteperformer (which is surprisingly good!), so no need to comment on the production side, I´ll get to do the mockup later... Also, the score engraving is not super tight, still I would appreciate any comments on the engraving or notation!



    Thanks everyone! :D
  2. Hello Eduardo! And thanks for sharing your output.

    Firstly, I must say I really enjoyed listening to your piece. After having listened it quite a few times I can say I like your orchestrational choices pretty much through out the whole piece. Especially, I think the section starting at about 1:48 is brilliant in terms of orchestration.

    These are only my thougths, but I think that the section between 0:16 and 0:48 could benefit from some more movement in the bass, maybe a faster moving counter bassline in the low brass or strings. I think it would definetily increase the energy there.

    Then, I really liked the harmonic transitions in the section starting at about 2:20. It had plenty of excitement and tension to it.

    At 3:11, where the brass enters, I was wondering whether a syncopated rhythm in the brass, against the piano accompaniment, could give more breath and a nice pulsating feel to the music?

    A nice and warm brass chord in the end! A great way to finish the piece.

    Anyway, great job there!

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  3. Ah! that´s some great advice, @Niko Tompuri! I´ll definitely take that into account! Thanks for that! :D

    And thanks for the kind words... :)
  4. Can you provide a way to look over the score without going onto issuu ? It's a pain to navigate the pdf from that site.
  5. @Eduardo Lopez I love it! Great piece. Fantastic job with developing your theme. Since NotePerformer is fairly well balanced, a live performance or midi-performance should also work. My one doubt is the solo piano part. Why? You have an entire orchestra at your disposal. Why a solo piano section? This isn't a piano concerto.

    Anyway, here is a great video that proves why we love NotePerformer!


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