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Gone with the Past - 1940s

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Alexander Schiborr, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. #1 Alexander Schiborr, Feb 14, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2020
    Hey Peeps.

    It´s me, the Beer metal dude. I am a bit silent these days. Having a shitload to do (at least thats good) Also working for some time together with a premium Audio Gear Brand project wise. However, not to plunge the nipples to hard. Still, I see the forum is alive with submission and posts which is good and I appreciate all new members posting their music. And to be clear: I listen to most of the new stuff from you guys, though my time doesn´t allow right now to participate so much though I wish I could..

    Having said that, My daily schedule is that I still manage to find a bit of time for my own studies in the early morning hours, and late, or sometimes on weekends. Also, to make sure that I don´t lose the things that I worked on during the last months and years, but it is getting harder when you are dedicated to projects to make money.

    However, I have that piece..which is not that long this time..not like that 13 minute overture from the other day. Because you can go crazy with such things.

    Here is a little work in progress so far. It's like half done crème fresh...some things are going to make it I think in the final rendering, maybe some others not, I have to think about yet..you know that..shit or hit feeling or whatever you call it.

    Whatever the fuck is with the money, I keep only now to do my 40s stuff and nothing else. Rest comes what it comes or not, no Agenda anymore with it.

  2. Hey!!

    Wow .... it's like a new you, with a drunken Yoda vocabulary. I like the new profile pic.
    You look all tough and demonic and then write such sentimental music.


    I reckon we are due for a voicemail chat.


    You must be getting close to have an album for your 40's stuff.

    Most of it is awesome.

    I don't get the vinyl hiss. For me it only makes your beautiful lines more difficult to hear. Particularly when you go from a big climax with percussion and drop back to flute, all the ring over with the hiss makes it a distraction for me.

    One idea I had.....and I don't know how hard it is to experiment with, is regarding the form.

    I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if instead of having the long piano solo at the end, if it was chopped up and interrupted the orchestral parts. Sort of like a concerto. This way it's in more of a dialogue with the orchestra.

    Of course, I love the writing.... but as you say.

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  3. I agree with Doug's assessment, but its a bit hard to know with the lens distortion. I "think" it sounds really cool...

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  4. Hey Gents,

    Yeah, probably I was desperate to have that transistor thingy sound like a broken pip boy after a Fallout. Let me render down a more detailed version. Also, @Doug Gibson That Piano thingy is not intended, it is just skeleton and orchestra sketch.

    Hey Gregory: Love the video! :D
  5. Hi Alex, fantastic writing. I really like this kind of music myself and this sounds very authentic to me. I'm not too fond of the heavy use of saturation, it makes it very hard to hear what is going on, particularly on those big fortissimo moments. I think the piece alone tells very well the vibe you're trying to establish without having to rely on production to do that. I wouldn't take all that away though, I still think if it were a subtler effect it contribute to enhance the piece with some extra character. This is not necessarily a fault of your own and it may very well be a matter of different tastes but when I listen to actual music from the 40s, I often wish there were better recordings.
  6. Hey Alex, good to hear you're just busy, I can relate. Welcome back! Cool new avatar!

    I quite like the effect as long the music plays in lower dynamics and it's just like some added vintage flavor. But in the louder dynamics like around 3:28 it's getting uncomfortable to listen to and makes it hard to hear what's even going on.

    Very cool piece, fantastic work as always! I'm looking forward to hear more of it.

    I'm curious what you mean with that. Do you mean you're no longer having any specific goal for these vintage style pieces?

    Cheers, enjoy your Bier! Prost!
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  7. I absolutely adore this. This is the level of writing I aspire to! Love the tape / vinyl effects, as well.
  8. This is wonderful! Like others I would love to hear it with the saturation and vinyl effect dialed back a bit, although not too much. A little bit definitely adds to the vibe.
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  9. Hey Guys,

    Yeah cool, let me try to render a piano and regular orchestra version down during the weekend. Hope I will get it done this weekend. I was just mega busy with my bands stuff also, so..8 months of non-stop work on my side plus a lot of other stuff..

    @Martin Hoffmann I mean that I only do these days my 1940s stuff and no bullshit music jobs anymore where I don´t feel that I belong too, long story. Also, my wife and I are finally finished with the album. (Need to care for some artwork, press kit, CDs etc..typical bullshit)If you have some time check out the preview:

  10. Holy shit, that's friggin awesome mate! What an epic intro, can't wait to hear the full album!

    That's great, do what keeps you sane!
  11. Damn, that has all the patina of an old classic Hollywood film, the harmony and orchestral color are really spot on! Congrats!
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  12. #12 Alexander Schiborr, Feb 28, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2020
    Hey thanks Albert...

    Sorry couldn´t do a shit the last days, because I had a root canal treatment, and that completely knocked me out.. ..xD I learned a new dimension of pain how it can be when a dentist takes that thing and cleans down everything down to the root. Jesus christ xD..

    Will work more on the track when I am back to normal...
  13. I know the feeling, get well soon! Normally a root canal treatment shouldn't be so painful, but when it's done when the tooth already hurts from inflammation before the treatment, then the anaesthetics don't function properly. Getting additional injections directly into the nerve through the tooth may help (I think that's what they did when I had that problem), but getting there is still excruciating. Worse than dental implants or root amputation imho, although implants are a lot more hassle.

    Good luck with your tooth!
  14. That's amazing, nailed it!

    I also like the 40's film music. In many ways much more than the present day stuff.

    I think structure-vice this could add a nice touch. Anyway, it's great as it is. Would buy the 40's album if you plan to release one some day.


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