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Geabox - In house composer

Discussion in 'Opportunities' started by Travis Morgan, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I applied to this as a longshot, but still don't have the on-paper experience/portfolio/etc that I really should.

    It's a full time in-house composer for a AAA games studio near Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Rare to see in-house composer positions, so please - someone from this board, get this job

  2. Jobs in that industry are notoriously stressfull and inhumane in terms of working conditions and I've heard a fair number of stories that paint working at that specific employer in a less than desirable light. I can only hope anyone applying for such a job is doing a bit of research beforehand. I don't see how fulltime employment like that would be preferable to freelance gigs in that industry. I'd expect you to work more to earn less compared to freelancing, and imho there's no such thing as job security in such a volatile industry (unless maybe if you work for valve or someone else with a money-printing machine).
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