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Future Live Classes

Discussion in 'Classes & Discussion' started by Mike Verta, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Not yet. 9 hours of footage to edit, color correct, mix... it's in progress and going well. I'll let you know when it's ready.
  2. Dear Mike,

    I LOVED your live Brass class. It is pure gold. And I know I'm not the only one. The price was more than fair, to cheap even compared to similar classes, or what it would cost to have this for real. I am lucky to spend some time with a real orchestra, but I know not everybody gets the chance.

    I hope you will do both a woodwinds and strings live class soon. Woodwinds mostly, because these are very tricky to write to. Strings are easier. but I would love to hear some of the advanced techniques performed live, and learn more about it.

    Is there any way to donate? Also, it would be fair to raise the price of the class. I would be willing to pay more. It's just the waiting that I can't stand.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

    Regards, Mar
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  3. Yeah, that class has been talked about a ton - I'd like to do it, even knowing that, like Live Brass, it'll be completely underutilized. I have to write the whole class' worth of music for it - that's a must for me - and that takes a bit of time which to date I simply haven't had. And in truth, I can tell you what I'm doing for virtually every hour between now and August 1st because I'm on a particularly intense project. I have no idea how or when I'd find the time to write all that stuff and put the thing together. The nature of things is such that something could change and suddenly a window opens up; I never really know, and I hate raising hopes only to dash them. So that's not a no, that's not a yes, it's really just "I don't know when I could do this," and frustratingly, that's all I got for ya at the moment.
  4. One thing I was wondering about, just to up the education ante a bit, was perhaps conducting a kind of pre-class challenge, similar to the duo-timbral "ditty" challenge from a year back. For the brass class, each of your pieces highlighted some specific strength or weakness of writing for brass. For instance, chorale vs action, lyrical horn lines vs lip-busting horn lines. At least for my personal learning style I find I get even more out of a lesson if I have first tried and failed and then seen some solutions in action. So my thought was whether you have any kind of notes in mind for the woodwinds class pieces that you are looking to cover that could be expressed as that sort of optional pre-work. Let us attempt to write something that fits the challenge as our own schedules allow, post here, fail miserably, take feedback, and then attend the class to see how you solved the challenge. Added benefit is that'll make a year of waiting go by much quicker if I know my homework isn't finished. :eek:
  5. Totally understandable Mike! I'm with John, would love some homework if you have ideas that don't take up too much of your time. It's really a rather new section to me so anything that would help me maximize a potential future class would be great.
  6. Would love to have a Masterclass on Bruce Broughton. Maybe even with him if possible.
    I think this could be very interesting
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  7. Okay Mike, I have bought all classes and I need more (just realized it because I can't even use the current coupon) :D

    I do have a proposal for the Woodwinds and Strings classes:
    What if you let us write the music for it. You pick the best one and edit it, so you can get you points across. As you always say, it is way easier to revise then to create.

    Could be fun
  8. Can't recall if I mentioned it but would love a short template balancing update Mike, since you mentioned moving away from HWS to simpler VIs (not requiring engineering) with multiple mic positions. Could even be a short class that doesn't reiterate the basic principles already covered.
  9. One idea I had that might be fun (not sure if it would work though) is where Mike would give us one of his original pieces to transcribe a few weeks before the class and then the class would be a Q&A kind of thing based on that piece.

    I'm not sure about anyone else but when I'm transcribing I kind of wonder what the composer was thinking at the time, where some of the ideas came from, the influences etc. It's one of those things where I feel that you could guess all day long but you never end up quite right. So it would be cool to actually have a conversation about what we found to be interesting as we were studying it.
  10. All nice ideas. I'm still quietly hoping for a live string/winds class one of these days.
  11. I would love to see the trilogy completed, with live Strings + Woodwinds. Apart from that, I'm not sure if there's a real need for any more classes. Everything important has been said. I would care about another in-depth "development" class though .. maybe make it interactive. That's still the biggest challenge IMHO.
  12. Agreed Marian, but I can think of one more class that I think Mike could teach and that's a David Newman class. I think I remember that Mike liked David Newman's work, or it might have been one of the other Newmans, I'm not sure.
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