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Full Film Scores

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Aaron Venture, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. #1 Aaron Venture, Sep 10, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
    I've just discovered that there's a plethora of film scores being shared at https://www.reddit.com/r/CinemaScores/ .

    The count is now at over 50. There are also quite a few typeset full scores including Raiders, Geisha, Incredibles, a number of Zimmer scores, to name a few.

    The idea is that it's not a trading place like Sheeto, it's place to primarily post film scores that you can't buy (anymore) to allow others to study them (they'll delete requests for scores that can still be purchased and encourage you to go and buy them).

    I'm absolutely thrilled! With all that's available, even if I took only the ones I liked, I'll have enough of material to inspire transcriptions and to check up against for months.
  2. Wow, this is a treasure trove of nuclear launch codes. Thanks Aaron!
  3. Well, now I know what I'll be doing tonight...
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  4. Wow - useful!

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  5. Thanks for sharing, Aaron!
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  6. A lot of these are unavailable. Do you have to be signed in to Google Drive for the download to work?
  7. #7 Alexander Schiborr, Sep 11, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
    Holy cow ...unbelievable..there is a complete Batman Score..730 Pages..:eek:

    I mean..but this is not really legit, right? Do I have to feel bad when downloading it? I mean for personal studies?
    Edit: I am downloading at least the batman Score and the Williams stuff..The devil in me couldn´t resist.
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  8. Thanks for sharing! Most of these scores have been floating around the deepest darkest corners of the internet. It's cool to see them all in one place.
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  9. There should be a download icon in the top left corner. When it fails to preview, it'll be in the middle of the screen as well.

    I don't really feel bad. I still buy scores that I'm interested in that are available for purchase, but most of them aren't available (especially full scores). I'll use them for studying, not reselling or conducting satanic rituals :D

    I don't think anyone would go through all the trouble and put up a legal fight, at worst they can request a takedown. After all, people have been trading scores on Sheeto for how long now?

    If you're really, really worried, I'd suggest downloading them in Incognito (or just don't be logged into your Google account) because some items are shared in folders, and the moment you open it while logged in, you'll be added to the folder as a "user the folder's being shared to" and visible. You can unlink that shared folder from your account in settings, but if you're worried in the first place, best not get logged at all, right?
  10. Solid advice.
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  11. Allright Aaron, thank you for clarifying.
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  12. Is anyone else having the same problem? When it fails to preview, I see the name of the file in the top left corner but it's not clickable. The message in the middle of the screen says "Whoops! This file is too large to preview" which is fine. I just want to download it. Below that a button that says "Download Now" and clicking on that opens up another window:

    "Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses." below which is both a link of the file name and a button that says "Download anyway" either of which when clicked opens up the previous window in a neverending circular mind "game" we'll say. Right-clicking on any of these links doesn't offer anything useful. Maybe I'm missing something. Tried both in Safari and Firefox.
  13. #13 Tatu Rytkönen, Sep 12, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
    Holy... That is a nice cache of contraband. :)

    EDIT: James Horner's 'Avatar'!! <3 <3 <3
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  14. I just tried out again on Chrome Incognito, Edge and Opera, it starts downloading whenever I click "Download Anyway". Could you try out other scores to see that it's that specific one causing the issue? If you have wifi at home, try via mobile (then transfer to PC)?
  15. It's about half of them. Any of them which aren't able to show the preview due to their size, actually. That includes most of the JW stuff, especially ones uploaded by a specific one or two individuals. But yeah, I'll check it out via some other browsers and networks. Thanks again.
  16. Best community ever here! My word, this is fantastic. Been spending a few days trying to figure out where to get scores for LOtR from that are more complete than a few songs for a medley. Thank you very much for sharing!

    I totally understand the reservation when it comes to not wanting to pirate these, but when all one wants to do is see how close one was with a transcription it's a little hard to dish out $100+ for a copy of the score.
  17. Whaaaaaaaattt? Amazing!
  18. This is so good!
  19. Amazing ressource, which rises an unavoidable question: how does one study scores that actually cover an entire movie? Where to begin, what to spot, how to know what's important regarding development at this scale? I can work on a single cue score, but I kind of feel overflooded by this material.
  20. Here's something that maybe useful when navigating these mammoth scores, wish I'd found out sooner:

    You don't have to keep scrolling 500 pages to look for a specific cue every time, instead you can split them;
    In acrobat reader (or probably any other program),
    - Find the cue, remember the page numbers it starts and ends on (e.g. 31-89)
    - Go to print (file > print)
    - select 'Print to PDF' where normally your printer is listed
    - Type the page numbers (e.g. 31-89)
    - Select 'actual size' so it doesn't shrink/crop
    - Hit 'Print', it will prompt you for a name and location
    - Save

    Now you have the cue as a separate PDF you can easily acces anytime, and you don't need any online services or 'pro' versions to do it.


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