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Free stuff from iZotope - Stereo Imager

Discussion in 'Software' started by Scott Steinmetz, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. https://www.sweetwater.com/feature/ozone-imager/

    Pretty cool stuff. Working on something, and this is part of it, so I chucked it on there to see what would happen. Fist clip with it off, 2nd clip on.



    Man, I’ll say this with zero hesitation. I have a ton of stuff from iZotope, free and paid, and no matter how simple or complex it is, it always does EXACTLY what they say it will. I wish I could give this company an award or something, I use all of the stuff I have from them all the time and it’s just been a great bunch of additions to my plugin collection.
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  2. Absolutely.
    I just installed the Imager today and used it on a piano/vocal thing I was mixing.
    I used it on the Master bus rather than individual tracks.
    It did a great job of widening the piano without smearing the vox.

    I also have the Quad Imager from IKMultimedia which is a great piece.
    Gives you a little more flexibility as you are able to widen or collapse by 4 frequency ranges, which can be useful sometimes.
  3. Whoa, huge difference. Thanks for the tip!

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