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Forcing myself to write today

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Duncan Formosa, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. #1 Duncan Formosa, Feb 22, 2021
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2021
    This year I'm really trying to challenge myself to write more music as last year I felt like I could have wrote so much more, but I kept telling myself "I don't have time because of work."

    My main goal is to try and finish at least one piece a month and just keep on writing as much as I can, and so far I think I've done well now that I've finished 3 (well, I'm still waiting for a friend of mine to record one last guitar part for one but it's pretty much done.)

    Today, I really REALLY didn't want to write anything. Last year I would have just said "I'll just wait till tomorrow, I don't have a deadline" and then "tomorrow" was a month later. Today I said "fuck it, pull up Mike's videos on writing when you don't feel like it and get over to the piano" so I did and managed to sketch something out.

    Would really appreciate any feedback on this sketch as it's a style I've never tried before. Got the piano sketch and a super quick mockup just to get an idea how the final thing will sound.

    Full sketch on piano:

    Mockup snippet:
  2. That sax is so cheesy :) Good work.
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  3. Thanks haha what do you think about the structure in the piano sketch? Not sure if the pace starts to drop a bit in the middle.
  4. I like the tune, the left hand sounds a little static but it's still enjoyable.
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  5. The tune and the feeling reminded me of this cover video of Wonderful Tonight - maybe there's something in there you can use.

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  6. Yeah I made the left hand pretty baisic, I was already making too many mistakes trying to record it haha. I think the bass is a little better in the short mockup but still trying to figure out how to make it a bit more funky.

    What do you think of 1:36 onwards? I think trying to force that key change isn't really working. Think I might keep the ideas in there but drop the key change. Maybe tweak the ending a bit, feels like a bit of a let down for some reason.
  7. I like the key change, don't over think it.
  8. It worked fine, and good job. It's a good habit to trick yourself into thinking you'll just write for 5-10 minutes when you don't feel like it. Always ends up being more.
    Also was a much more enjoyable and convincing rendition of 80's pop piano than many "80s" tracks I seem to catch wind of here and there.
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  9. Thank you very much! It's my first attempt at doing an 80's style piece so I'm glad it's got the right vibe. Hopefully with some more transcribing and practice I'll be able to get the instrumentation a bit better as well, at the moment I don't think it's quite there yet .
  10. The hard part is the initial composition so you're well on your way. That said, I'm certainly no 80s junky but at least to my ear you captured the spirit of it much better than most pieces I hear imitating that era.

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