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Fantasy Composition

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Marko Dvojkovic, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Hi guys! I'm new here, very excited and frightened haha xD.
    I have never used a forum as a member so this interface is a little confusing, hopefully I will get used to it xD.

    Here's my recent composition. I have balanced and mixed my template by following the Template Balancing masterclass, helped me a lot, I needed to readjust only woodwinds, but everything else is "out of the box" from the template so I'm really looking forward to really tweak it after some transcribing and checking scores this summer to hopefully bypass the production part for at least some pieces.
    So this piece was challenging orchestrationaly to me, I was more or less sure about the palette of instruments that I will use but it was hard for me to decide especially for the first time when theme comes at 0:30 how to orchestrate it. The reprise at the "finale" felt smooth and I'm pretty happy with that. But I doubted sometimes is the change of instrumentation too abrupt? And I noticed in another orchestral piece that I did the same trend that I first do the part that will be the busiest regarding arrangement and then try to reduce from there to the rest of the composition. Thank you very much for feedback, best regards.

  2. Hey! A bit quiet around here. Will have a listen and get back to you, for what it's worth.

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