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Experimenting with close samples ala Virtuosity

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Felix Watson, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Hey team,

    Had a bit of a play around with using close samples. Became a bit fed up with all the wierdness of using the SA huge rooms. I also wanted to experiment with the Numerical Sound Hollywood IRs that I've had kicking around.

    Obviously these examples are all very rough. Sorry Mike.

    I'm interested in feedback on the balance, space and whether they all sound cohesive? I'm using the 1.2 sec impulses but am thinking of using the 2 or 3 sec ones that allegedly approximate the Lyndhurst hall. Might give me the best of both worlds as I love the sound of my Spitfire stuff.

    It's the happiest I've ever been with the Sample Modelling stuff. All the usual pro's and the sound seems okay if a bit dead probably from a programming perspective.

    @Mike Verta I'm wondering if you could be a bit more explicit about your trick of sending the sections into each other to simulate the mic bleed. Is this worth it? Like I totally understand the concept but just the mechanics of it I'm a little unsure of how to implement. Taking Violins and Horn bleed as an example: the dry sounds get summed to a Violins channel which has an EQ and an instance of reverberate (using a NS impulse). Presumably this channel is where I send some Horn signal but do I send dry signal here or the summed horn channel (which has a similar setup to the violin channel above). I don't want to end up with a huge amount of reverb buildup but I figure I might create a nice effect by stacking all the different ER times from the NS impulses in some way.

    I actually hate messing around with this stuff. Isn't it just hideous? Waste of a life.

    Keep on keeping on!
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  2. Hi Felix,

    Waste of life? Yes, it is definitely...

    Use a bit more ER´s on the Strings, I feel they come either too much monoish from left (vlns) or from the right (VC, DB). The verb sounds a bit like honky (almost tunnel like)..maybe use less verb or a different one?

    Winds are a way too wet for my taste..(in relation to the rest) also tailwise..

    Trumpets sound seems not coming from the same space..maybe they are just too brilliant in comparison to the rest. Watch out that the topend of the instrument are homogen.

    So now..waste of time: That is a question you have to ask yourself.

    Best Wishes,
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