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Embertone's Black Friday Sale!

Discussion in 'Software' started by Embertone, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Hey there, Redbanned peeps!

    We’ve put together the biggest sale in our history… with everything in our store on sale, most at deep discounts of up to 50%! The sale is on for a limited time, check out the savings!



    Joshua Bell Violin: $179 - $20 off

    The FULL Intimate Strings Solo Bundle: $289 - $86 off

    Friedlander Violin, Blakus Cello, Fischer Viola, Leonid Bass: $75 - $50 off EACH

    Chang Erhu: $48 / $51 (16 vs 24-bit) - 40% off

    Mountain Dulcimer: $59.40 - 40% off


    Shan Bawu: $21 - 30% off

    Herring Clarinet: $49.50 - 50% off

    Crystal Flute: $12 - 40% off

    Recorders: $42 - 30% off

    Chapman Trumpet: $15 - 50% off

    Sensual Sax: $10 - 50% off

    The Charmer: $12 - 40% off

    Jubal Flute: $9 - 40% off

    Ocarina Amaya: $9 - 50% off

    Shire Whistle: $10 - 50% off

    Mouth Trumpet: $10 - 50% off


    Jug Drums COMPLETE: $12.50 - 50% off

    Tiny Grand: $12.50 - 50% off

    Tomato Paste Kalimba: $7.50 - 50% off

    Glockenpillar: $7.50 - 50% off

    With lots of love, and for many of you… tryptophan induced comas,

    Alex and Jonathan
  2. Now that's a proper discount! I wasn't planning on purchasing anything (in fact I've been holding off on new purchases for quite a while now), but I am a sucker for good woodwind libs and have been eyeing the Herring Clarinet for a while!

    And since those trytophan induced comas are coming along for free, I might as well take the plunge!
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  3. I just purchased the JB violin. Looking forward to trying it.
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  4. Paul, you'll enjoy that one! However, beware there is a bug on the Sul Pont where if you move the pitch wheel you can suddenly get the loudest sound you've ever heard. I reported this problem but its left me scared to use the vi since then. Yet, this was my all-time favorite vi up until that point. I have not heard back from them on this problem other than they saw it but it didn't have the dreadfully loud feedback I experienced so its possible there was something else going on as well. Just be cautious.
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  5. Thanks for the warning. I will make a note not to use Sul Pont and the pitch wheel at the same time.
  6. Uhh, this gives me 'Nam flashbacks of my own. I was demoing some synth when suddenly it played a +300db spike of white noise. My old woofer was never the same after that.

    Because of that, the most barebones template I'm opening has at least a limiter on the master. If there isn't one or I'm opening a blank, it's the first thing I do. My friend lost 80% of hearing on his right ear because of stuff like this. I have a soft clipper by default on every track as well. This is totally up to the dev to check out and correct if it's really a bug, but you can keep yourself safe by adding a limiter and setting it up so that it's sitting barely above your level when you play the loudest note on the instrument (FFF in the higher register?) then bringing it down by the same amount. This way it will never go past that level in terms of peaks and since it's a bit above your playing level, you're not sacrificing any dynamics.
  7. Does the pitchwheel actually do something for controlling the instrument or do you just like to mess with it? Either way that's no good..
    There was a similar thing a couple of months back with Cubase/Vepro and it was terrifying, never figured out what caused it and it was gone with the next update.

    Let us know if that gets fixed, will go looking for some solo strings next year perhaps and I like Embertone..
    And like Aaron says; always, Always have a limiter on the masterbus.
    Put one in all your templates and then forget it even exists (but it will be there to save you and your gear)
  8. Thank you for this, it hadn't occurred to me that this would be necessary but this practice may end up saving me money in the event of a spike.

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