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Embertone Announces: The Joshua Bell Violin

Discussion in 'Software' started by Embertone, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. #1 Embertone, Jul 4, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2017
    Something huge is coming - a collaboration with one of the world's most beloved musicians, Joshua Bell!

    Stay updated on this beautiful instrument by signing up for our newsletter.

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  2. I'm excited to hear this library, but I was legitimately distracted by the amount of effort that went into the visuals here. Always nice to see good production value, boys!
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  3. I bought their Intimate strings bundle the it was on offer. Really nice, and Touch OSC support is really smart. I'm sure this will be another corker...
  4. I've been wanting to pick up some Embertone libraries for quite some time now. We are talking 2-3 years, maybe soon is the time to finally make it happen!
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    While we're getting the final details ironed out, we have another demo to share!
    'Tis a beauty...

    We also have a couple more images of this beautiful GUI.

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  6. We finally put together a lovely video of the Joshua Bell Violin in action!

  7. So interested in getting this on my bench! Seems wonderfully expressive!
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  8. [​IMG]

    Hey everyone, it's finally out! An initial walkthrough video is nearly complete, with bite-sized detail videos to follow. It'll be a busy week! Head on over to our website before the end of the week and receive an early-bird discount.

    We'll be around here if any questions come up... and will continue to post as new content becomes available. :)
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  9. We're going live on YouTube in 15 minutes! Join us as we talk about the Joshua Bell Violin and answer user questions: https://goo.gl/vLrQZD
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