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EastWest The Dark Side or SD3 ?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Hur Ozan Cerrahoglu, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Hello Fellow Musicians,

    There is a 50% off going on in east west online store right now.

    Since long time I was thinking about getting SD3 or The Dark Side.

    Actually i downloaded both them through composer cloud membership but I don't continue that.

    So do you recommend any of these libraries? How they blend with other libraries etc...

  2. Have you tried Ghostwriter? Worth comparing to Dark Side. SD3 is decent, lots of Taiko and ethnic percussion.
  3. Hello, Yes.. i tried all east west products via composer cloud. But i stopped membership. Thinking about buying one of these 2. About ghost writer... Sounds are amazing but play engine does the heavy lifting applying effects.. It consumes a lot of ram and cpu. I wouldn't use that library.
  4. It's not automatable, unfortunately, but I've found some pretty interesting textures available with Ghostwriter. The problem with some of the other sound-design elements in other libs (i.e. SD3) is that the effects are baked in. Not a ton of RAM consumption if you have an SSD, but heavy on the CPU. Can't comment on DarkSide, but at least with Ghostwriter all effects are based on the SSL channel so you can disable them.

    What are you looking to do with either library? I'd imagine SD3 to be more versatile.

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