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Draco's Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Discussion in 'UNIT M3' started by Mike Verta, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. When I'm not writing music...

    Draco recently saw and became obsessed with the original Ghostbusters. Now wants an all-GB X-Mas. I found a cheap proton pack toy which I knew I could upgrade a bit...


  2. Wow !! Dad of the year award ! Awesome.

    If I was your kid, I would totally try and take advantage of you.

    "Dad, have you seen Jenna Jameson ? Can you make me one ?"

    Way out of line I am sure. If you can't cross lines on Redbanned where can you cross em ?
  3. If there's a line to cross, I haven't seen it, but either way I'm almost 100% sure my son and I are on the same side of it.
  4. Wow Mike, that looks super legit! Didn't know that this was one of your talents.
  5. Looks very cool. As a Kid I wanted to have one too..but back then we didnĀ“t had such cool toys. I am pretty sure Draco will love it. Hat off to you mike, you deserve the "gread dad" award for sure.
  6. Building and weathering props is exactly like writing orchestral music - there is a what (technical skill) and a why (creative and aesthetic). We can learn the what, but must always know the why, and we learn both together through "transcription" - we carefully analyze an input, try to replicate it using our best guesses, show it to professionals to get feedback, and try again. We learn the what and the why at the same time, and the actual doing of it (versus merely being told what to do) not only cements the skills but rapidly increases the speed at which we develop.
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  7. #7 Tino Danielzik, Nov 26, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2017
    I second that! Right after school I didn't go straight to college, but got a vocational training and became a full-time optician (the training is quite different here in Germany, if you wanna know more click here: https://www.bmbf.de/en/the-german-vocational-training-system-2129.html) Besides the selling / theory / math and physics aspects of the job I had a lot of craft work to learn, (re-) assemble and repairing glasses, cutting and shaping glasses and frames by hand very VERY accurately, soldering frames and stuff. It was a great training for all the stuff I have to do now here at my own home. I repair and build almost everything by myself.

    Regarding the Proton Pack, as a kid I built one by myself, using a big cereal box (Kellog's corn flakes), shoelaces and some card game boxes for decoration, the gun itself was actually a toy shotgun.

    Great work Mike! I love the detailed "used" look! Here in Germany we have the "Miniature Wonderland", it is well known all over the world:

  8. Mission accomplished.
  9. Cool Dad of 2017, heh? Looks great! :)
  10. First he was a Jawa, then he became Emperor Palpatine, and now he's a ghostbuster... this kid is going places!

    I know jack shit about ghostbusters to be honest, but I do know that Draco can count himself lucky to have such a cool dad!
  11. Very cool! The Verta name tag is a nice touch.

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