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Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Doug Gibson, Nov 5, 2019.


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  2. Looks like I'm going to have to purchase a dongle soon. I have to write guitar fingering so often... that automatic fingering feature alone will save me hours each week.
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  3. Nice in-depth review and really good criticism. You really dove deep into learning the program if you've only really used it for a short time. I think you hit the nail on the head that while Dorico makes some things easier, it also allows for so many options that the complexity of use increases. And its definitely still a work-in-progress in many areas (for example, no analysis functions yet in addition to the missing guitar features you pointed out). Still, for most basic scoring functions I'm starting to find advantages to Dorico over Sibelius though it definitely requires a bit more investment of time to learn all of the necessary shortcuts.

    Question - How did you learn Dorico? I've been watching the YT videos but the learning process has been slow and there are none that really deal with more complex situations showing step-by-step entry of an orchestral score passage for example. So you have to watch tons of little videos clips and put all the pieces together. With Dorico, I had several books which took me step-by-step through the process. Plus, Thomas Goss has some great tutorials on MacProVideo. I don't know of anything like these for Dorico.
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  4. Yeah, I was asked only to focus on the guitar features. (obviously)

    As far how to learn it: I did not find the learning curve too hard. What makes a big difference is having something at stake. I knew the Dorico founder was going to read and watch my review. Additionally, that blog is only for the hardcore notation people. (Philip is the best!!)

    Anyhow, was given the beta test before the manual was even ready, let alone videos. Ya just got to read the manual, and spend lots of time with it tinkering and exploring. I began on Sibelus2, so somewhere after 10 years with it (which is now nearly 10 years ago :eek:) I felt I knew it totally inside and out.

    What makes Dorico weird is when searching thru the manual, you don't really know if it's something you have overlooked or if it is ommitted for a future version.

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