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December 2019 Challenge: That thing you've been avoiding

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Aaron Olson, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. #1 Aaron Olson, Dec 1, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
    As with last year, I'm challenging myself to do something specific in December to get better. This year's idea:

    Take that one thing you've been avoiding the most and just do it—with a Christmas carol/song.

    It's been a rough year for me and I've been mostly inactive here, so I'm going to take December to simply begin again. I'll pick a Christmas carol, arrange it, mock it up with Dorico/NotePerformer, and perform it with VIs. To keep it simple (and give myself a fighting chance), I'll probably target a small ensemble like a brass quintet.

    The deadline is December 24th, or maybe the next Unleashed.

    Anyone else want to join me? What's one thing you've been putting off doing?
  2. These little challenges are the thing I enjoy the most on this forum. I will join you with this!
  3. Is there anything that would help keep you on track?

    Me too!

    Same here. 2019 has straight-up sucked a horses ass.

    Yes, so motivated.......

    (sounds of a record player coming to a halt)

    Fuck that. I hate Christmas songs.

    I will be watching the thread and cheering for you!
  4. Apart from wanting to avoid embarrassment now that I've posted this, a little feedback would go a long way. Since that's what we're all here for, I think I'm in good company.

    I figure it's an easy way to keep the scope small, but that's all. If you'll otherwise participate, then fuck the Christmas carols!
  5. This sounds fun! I’m down
  6. So ......how's it going?

    Thanks to your thread, I at least opened up Sibelius and got this notated out. It's just note-performer and Sibelius

  7. I didn't know Sibelius + NotePerformer could sound like this.
  8. I've had God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen stuck in my head for about three days, thinking about how to vary it beyond the first verse. I don't want to overthink it, but I'd like to do something beyond a simple arrangement (or I'm delusional and that's already enough work).

    Regardless, I'll do something this weekend in Dorico and post it.

    I'm curious, was there anything you were avoiding in Dirt Bag Donnie?
  9. I have not composed anything in about 6 months due to my recent struggles with new medications for chronic depression.

    So just touching the keys is a positive thing for me.

    Musically speaking....of course not. I just want something that sounds like I am getting high, having sex, or breaking the law. Or all three.
  10. I've already broken all the ground rules for this challenge :( The other day I was messing around with "Have Yourself a merry Little Christmas" and I came up with a bunch of ideas so I thought I'd expand on it. I know it's not really a Christmas carol but I was quite happy with the results and wanted to share it with you. Maybe it's a bit ambitious but my personal goal will be attempting to learn to play this on piano by the 24th. This will be a huge challenge for me and I'll probably fail but I'll try.

    Here's the arrangement:
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  11. Extremely minor update: I just sketched out the basic chords for GRYMG for the first time through and will experiment with basic substitutions for the second time through, since functional harmony is currently what I'm the least sure of. I need to transcribe more jazz.

    Depression is a treacherous, awful thing. Good on you for touching the keys!

    @Mattia Chiappa that sounds nice! I look forward to hearing the recording of you playing it personally. I've also updated the first post to also say Christmas song since I wasn't aware of the distinction until you pointed it out just now.

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