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Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Doug Gibson, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Finally, I got a recording. This was the first performance. So......
    all have said they want to build it up to a higher standard by performing this more, and recording it.

    Any and all feedback welcome.

    The whole concert is not me. A title will appear when it's the next piece.

    Be well!

  2. Man, this is such a nice piece.

    I remember first hearing your initial version and not being able to quite follow it. I've listened a couple more times in the following days just to be able to give you feedback and it got easier the more I listened. I probably heard it a couple more times whenever the thread was brought up.

    I've found myself singing parts of it so many times in the last year, especially from the first movement. And at those points it's been months since I've even heard it! Cue my newfound love for classical guitar (after that piece you posted and revealed Koyunbaba to me—man, what a piece that one is) and I'm really, really enjoying this whole recording. Very interesting to hear the differences compared to the Sibelius playback. Thanks for sharing, Doug. I'm the glad the guys are liking the piece and want to play it more.
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  3. Thank you, Aaron! I hope you are doing great!

    Great. Ok. To pivot from Debussy, this album I feel is superb and ....to me..... I don't hear old. I hear "timeless"

    This was one of John Williams's teacher's works below.

    There are many others, and many many fine solo artists/works. However as a composer..... I gotta say...... at least 2 guitars is the way to
    go for a lot of reasons.

    A big wave hello, and many best wishes

  4. Thanks for sharing the live recording! Several times over the last year, I almost clicked on the examples you posted in the other thread ... but each time I was like "no, he said a recording of a performance by real humans will be out at some point; be patient ..." I'm glad I waited. (Btw which was the part where they missed the tempo marking?)

    No feedback, but I can offer this much: I'm not very familiar with Debussy, so maybe compared to someone who is, for me it may have been the equivalent of hearing one half of a phone conversation ... but that means I can confirm (if there was any doubt in your mind) that it 100% works as standalone music, even for those who don't catch the majority of the allusions/echoes.

    Totally agree re: "timeless" ... when something really resonates on a deep level, it doesn't matter whether it was written in 1150 or 1808 or 2 days ago, doesn't matter whether it was written 15 miles away from home or halfway around the world, doesn't matter the style or genre or even the language or culture ... you just lock into it and enter that space where time disappears, the eternal now. Love it when that happens; wish it happened more frequently.

    p.s. Any chance of a "Dialogues with Ravel" someday ...? (for any instrumentation you like) That'd really float my boat!
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  5. p.p.s. Actually, you know what -- don't do the Ravel thing. For years I've had a vision for such a piece, and for years I've kept it in a corner of my heart marked "cool ideas to return to after you become good enough to actually execute them." Pretty sure I'd be crushed if I found out someone else did it before I could develop enough chops to do it myself ;)
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  6. that was really cool! I'm a novice classical guitar player myself so I love hearing stuff like this. great work man
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