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Concerto, last movement draft

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Stephen Limbaugh, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. Hey Stephen, I've listened to the piece but I've been reluctant to comment on it because frankly I don't feel qualified to. It'd be like a turtle telling a hare how to race. My suspicion is, considering that this thread has gotten 66 views, at least a few more people are in a similar position.

    Still, I figured I could offer some very surface-level thoughts, a layman's feedback if you will.

    One of the things I liked is the hybrid nature of this track. It's a fresh sound (leaning into the synthetic nature of samples) that I found quite enjoyable at times (for example 04:21-04:33 and also 04:40-05:30 and 08:17-08:50).

    Moments of virtuoso piano solos like 03:08-03:40 are not really my thing, so those don't land for me, but that's just me. Possibly I'm particularly sensitive to it in this piece because it seems to belong in a different sound world than the rest of the piece. Which is to say, I associate that kind of playing with classical piano concertos, yet I don't think you'd describe this piece as a classical piece yourself.

    I think my biggest criticism of this piece would be that the transitions from one section to sounded quite jarring to me. I'm not really sure if this is one piece or if it's actually several individual pieces back to back, it feels more like the latter. Toward the end the transitions made more sense to my ear and I have to confess that on a second listen it wasn't quite as jarring. I guess it's more that thing of different soundworlds colliding that made it feel like I was already on uncertain footing from the start, and then it's easy to become unbalanced/lost when something musically unexpected happens.
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  2. Thanks Matthias! Honestly, any feedback, technical or emotional, is valid and appreciated. Funny you mention the transitions... while a conscious choice, it is something that someone else had pointed out might be an area to improve for the sake of public reception. The goal is to initiate contemplative reflection, and make something beautiful. If rounding out some of those transitions gets me closer to those targets, it's definitely worth exploring. Thank you sir!
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