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Cinematic Studio Series just dropped Solo Strings

Discussion in 'Software' started by Gharun Lacy, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. At the $199 intro price this is almost a no brainier. Money is trying to fly out of my wallet now but I must do my due diligence. If anyone picks it up first, let us know!

  2. Sounds great and price with discount is right
    Although I still think we are a long way until we can compose believable music for string quartet. I'm too much a fan of chamber music so I'm biased :)
  3. Just bought it and downloaded it. It's a great tool to have and love the sound of it already (I also own CSS). I intend on using it to add detail to string parts. I'll still probably record a Live player when intimate moments are needed but to get ideas down this is such a great library to own. Especially with the loyalty discount if you qualify for it.
  4. Picked it up too along with CSS which I've been wanting to get since it came out. Not had a chance to play much yet, only the solo strings so far. My feeling is that it will work really well for first chairs and to sprinkle some fairy dust on certain lines. Undecided on how it will work for naked solos (in my hands). The violins really do sing though and maybe there will be some opportunities. I do like it.
  5. Yeah I've just been playing about with the Solo Violin (CSSS) and Violins 1 (CSS) on same Midi Channel and performing something sounds fantastic. Definitely adds some detail and at this point in my musical life I'm kind of only interested in writing music that I love and thinks sounds good (not sounds Real). Nothing is going to replace a live Violinist no matter how great CSSS is! In my opinion of course.
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  6. This is a real sticking point to me and I couldn't have said it better myself. Virtual instruments have come a long way. I use them to sound good and be expressive in context, not because I'm obsessed with fooling people into thinking it's real. But if that happens it's kind of cool too.

    For example, some people have said the vibrato of CSSS is a little too much for what a real violinist would play. OK fine. But if I played a violin it would sound like a cat, claws-deep sliding down a mile-long screen door.

    So compared to that, or to computer beeps that represented music many decades ago in games (which are also amazing for how expressive they can be!), it sounds pretty damn good to me. Maybe that's too low of a bar. But what I measure any sound by is the connection of emotion that people experience when they hear it. And hopefully if the listener isn't distracted by how real it sounds or not, if people made that connection then I think we've done our jobs.

    Was this a post about CSSS? Right. Well I got it and look forward to playing with it this weekend. I hope I can make some good music with it.
  7. Yeah, CSSS is amazing. No doubt about it. And so much fun to play!

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