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Cinematic Sound Radio

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Matthias Calis, Jan 8, 2018.

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    After listening to Art of The Score (linked by someone here @Tino Danielzik) I found another cool resource... though technically, this is more just a treasure trove broadcasts of film, tv , and game music, with much less analysis and more 'casual' background information on the recordings, conductors etc.

    This is Cinematic Sound.net: http://www.cinematicsound.net/

    I can especially recommend ep 42 for JW fans :)
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  3. I didn’t know Mike worked on Superman Returns. That must have made the I-V-IV-I arrangement of the Superman love theme even more horrifying.

  4. All kidding aside; how in the world did they figure that out and what is it supposed to mean?
    Thanks for sharing btw, been a while since I heard those.

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