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Cinematic Opener

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Duncan Formosa, Oct 23, 2022.

  1. #1 Duncan Formosa, Oct 23, 2022
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2022
    Been trying to figure out the arrangement of the celtic piece that I uploaded a few days ago and got kind of stuck. So, I thought I would just try and get something new out so I could keep writing and saw another thread here by Tino called "Film Studio Logo Music" which I quite enjoyed. Thought I would take a stab at that kind of thing.

    At first I kind of liked having the theme repeated the third time round, but then I thought "what if make this one an octave lower than the first time" and then I scratched that idea and took out the theme the third time. Which feels more appealing?

  2. Ha, good to know that I actually inspried someone. :D ;) I like the second version a bit more, it seems just to be a bit more fluently. I like the little motif, good work.
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  3. Think you really nailed down the 80's feel in your version. It felt like I had put a VHS in and preparing myself to watch a film!

    I think openers like this are quite a good excersise, normally I'm trying to make the piece longer so people are with the idea more so it hopefully gets stuck in your head. These logo themes though are so short you got to put your all in them. A fun little excersise!

    Would like to do an 80's thing similar to how yours starts, but every time I try I get so annoyed looking for the right synth patches and finding what blends well with what so I never last very long haha!
  4. Found an after effects template that worked quite well with this!

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  5. Hi Duncan,

    Really nice tune as always. I think you could do something more between the 5-7 second mark. I think it loses a bit of momentum there with just the crescendo. Maybe a little answering phrase behind the crescendo would work.
  6. I'm voting for the 2nd one too. Do you have the notation for this? I kept thinking you could have more movement in the strings (some kind of arpeggiating rhythm perhaps) to really add to the forward momentum.

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