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Christmas Face Off

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Duncan Formosa, Nov 26, 2021.


Which version is better?

  1. Version 1

    2 vote(s)
  2. Version 2

    1 vote(s)
  1. So, I've got my piano sketch down for my Christmas piece this year, but I'm not sure whether to go with the first version of it or the second version.

    I've been told the 2nd version feels less Christmassy, particularly the ending. What does everyone else think?

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  2. I prefer the first one, but I like the ending of the second one.
  3. Ooh, I'm surprised and curious. What do you like more about the first? I thought the bass and chords in the second version helped it move more than the first.
  4. Mainly I felt the section from 0.46 to around 1.10 seemed slower in the second one. The chords felt more blocky and I prefer the pace of the first one in that section.

    Don't get me wrong though, they're both excellent!
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  5. Fair enough. I think orchestration wise for that part I'll have strings do the little shimmer thing Mike is always talking about, I've used that on a few pieces already, and then maybe have the block chords thing in version 2 on the woodwinds just to accent the rhythm. Think maybe then I can get the best of both versions for that section. At the moment that's my least favourite section out of the whole piece so maybe the orchestration will help it a little.
  6. Don't forget the sleigh bells

    Here's a Christmassy track I made years ago

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  7. I can hear Mike saying 'forget about the sound' :D If you don't like that section then try to fix it on piano first. What is it that you don't like?
    I like more the broken chords of the first one in that section.
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  8. Well here's the thing, I agree with Mike 100% on that. And I'm happy with the piece for the most part, but for that section I think the left hand just sucks in my opinion compared to the other sections.

    Again, I think the shimmering strings thing would really help give it the mood I want, I just don't know how to translate it to two handed piano.
  9. Maybe Liszt can help you:

  10. #10 Tom Welsh, Dec 2, 2021
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2021
    So it seemed like the main difference was the left hand accompaniment at 0:48 and ending from 1:52? I have to say I preferred the second one until 1:52 - the off-beat left hand chords were more satisfying and gave a nice rhythmic lilt in contrast to the arpeggiation in the first which sounded a bit more 'square' or 'vanilla'. The elephant in the room for me, though, is the tongue-in-cheek, ultra cheesy moment at 1:52 in the second version (was that the intent haha)? I don't know whether to love or hate it but ultimately I prefer how you handled the ending in version one due to it being more straight ahead. Also I preferred 1:17 in version two. Nice work!

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