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Chopin Preludes

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Doug Gibson, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Ok....... I am in a sharing mood.

    Usually I hold back the really good stuff for myself. I am biased, as this was the person who taught me orchestration.

    The guy is the most creative - by far - orchestrator I have ever met. I've meet some really great ones too.
    He liked to tell - with great pride - the story of when he was picked to be mentored by Bernstein at Tanglewood.
    Julian escaped the cultural revolution of the late 60's in China. Anyhow, he had to make everyone a dinner and of course he made a stir-fry. Well the next day was his first one-on-one with Bernstein. Lenny looked over one of his scores, tossed it in the air and proclaimed "Stir-fry.... you're a genius". It's true.

    So I am posting this as I just see he has orchestrated all of the Chopin Preludes. If anyone as ever tried this, and to get it to sound like orchestra music, and not some midi - on methamphetamine - rendition is super hard. It sounds easy....but it's not.

    Anyhow......for the few.... enjoy.

    I'm telling you.... the dude has monster chops.

  2. What a delight - thanks for sharing it Doug. I'm going to be re-listening to this for a while (a lot of character achieved in each prelude). Any chance there's a live performance lurking around?
  3. I'm afraid the best I can do is offer

    And it's piano version

  4. This is an exciting arrangement of Mussorgsky by Julian Yu. I wonder if the score specifies no sitting (non seduta!) or is it a cost cutting measure?

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  5. This is amazing. I love the more intimate sound of a chamber orchestra and these orchestrations are so rich!

    What recording are the excerpts from?
  6. Wonderful! Thank you. Been listening to Chopin preludes quite frequently the last few months and I always wondered what they could sound like orchestrated.

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