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Bravestorm orchestral score

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Paulo Rego, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Hi guys,

    Is it possible to buy the sheet music for this anywhere so I can have a go at transcribing it? I really like the different parts of the end titles and would like to steal some ideas for my own devilish concoctions.

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  2. I did not produce a complete written score for that one, but give it a go and I'll be your "score."
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  3. Ok awesome, thanks Mike.
  4. Hi Mike,

    I had a go and only managed 12 bars so far (if I have the timing right). It took me such a long time to do just this amount lol but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and felt like I was using every part of my brain haha. I really struggled with trying to work out the colours when multiple instruments were playing the same line and the beats per bar at the beginning due to not having a rhythmic reference.

    If you have a spare few minutes please let me know how much I got right and how much I messed up (either way I'll learn something). I'd like to get the intro 'sorted' before moving onto the more dense orchestration.

    Thanks a lot for your time.


  5. Pretty good! I'll give you some more specifics later, but a couple things:

    1) I don't use key signatures - I use open key with all accidentals marked. This reduces the chance for player error by about 1000% percent.
    2) Write your sketches in scorepad(ish) order top to bottom - so from top down: woods, horns, brass, perc, keys, strings.

    The opening pedal is octaves with cellos/basses - the ending suspended chords figures are triads mirrored exactly between three horns and violas. Violins are not heard in these first bars. There is another thing which is hard to describe so I will try to notate it, but bottom line you're missing a couple chord notes in the horns and strings at bar 7. Also, the rhythm is just slightly different, but it's almost impossible for you to know that.

    Yes, you're using every part of your brain, and that's why this works!

  6. That's really helpful feedback, thank you!

    1) OK got it. Do you still put in the accidentals according to the key you are in or do you just use #'s (or just use b's) for example? Does it even matter?
    2) Yeh, I don't know what I was thinking... I basically have 12 blank staves per page so after listening to the piece a few times I write out the main instruments I think I can hear initially (but in future I'll stick to that ordering).

    Wowsers, I really need to work on my ear training haha! Did I at least get the notes right from what I wrote down like in bars 9-12?

    This is seriously fun. I had a go at the intro to Princess Leia's theme this morning and managed to get the harp, flute, oboe and french horn bits right but I thought the viola was a violin lol (on their own I can mostly work what they are but when there's other colours involved It really throws me off). Another difficulty I have is getting the slurs and hairpins correct.

    Anyway, thanks again, It took me 7 of your masterclasses to make me realise I need to transcribe. :D


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