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Best Orchestra Video Recording I have seen

Discussion in 'Film & Film Production' started by Michael Lückgen, Apr 10, 2022.

  1. I just found a great video from a concert. And I must, say throughout the video I am constantly in awe how good the cinematography looks. Almost every shot of it looks good to me. I don't know how to describe it, I have not a good understanding of cinematography but it looks like there is so much good craft at work here. Espacially if you compare it to other recordings, where everything looks really boring.

    Has anyone an idea why that is?
    Is a combination of the lighting and the image composition which makes this feel so interesting or another thing I am missing?
    It almost looks like Spielberg directed it to me (would be fitting since apparently it is form the 70s)

    Just wanted to share that, since I am so blown away by this.
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  2. From what I can see, the lighting is definitely a big part of it. Went and took a look at some other orchestra recordings and the lighting on most of them is a lot flatter. The light is pretty even across the face. In this video however, there's a lot more contrast like you would see in a film, seems like it's been very well planned.

    The composition of the shots also look thoroughly planned out, doesn't look like it was run and gun. And I can say that because after doing some digging I found a few concerts of the same quality led by the same conductor and THEN found a video of the rehersals which I've linked below.

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  3. The three things I noticed so far (and I only saw a little bit) were:
    - Lots of rim lighting
    - Use of depth of field (I still remember the epiphany I had discovering DoF more than a decade ago when I was trying to make films with the family camera. I remember thinking it was "the" thing that made films look pro).
    - Some rembrandt triangles here and there, especially on the conductor's face.

    Compositionally, It also looks rather pleasing to have the conductor be on a lef-to-right (X) plane while the orchestra is on the front-to-back (Z) plane. There's probably more going on (like a nice variety of mid shots vs closeups) but I'm no photographer so I can't really break it down with any real expertise.
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  4. Now that I think of it, if I am not mistaken @Rohann van Rensburg is a photographer, maybe he has some more insights to offer :)
  5. This will answer your questions

  6. Sorry! No idea how I missed this before, didn't get a notification. Mike would school me on this but would love to have a guess, although there seems to be a copyright claim on the original video and it's not viewable anymore.
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    It was this one:

    The documentary which Doug linked was also very insightful but I can't find it right now

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