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Audio Only Downloads of Masterclasses

Discussion in 'Forum How-To's' started by Rohann van Rensburg, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. Are these available anywhere? I find repetition helpful and I'm doing a lot of menial work right now, so being able to work while listening would be fantastic.
  2. I was actually wondering the same thing.

    I suppose that if you really wanted to, you could play the video, record your computer's audio using Audacity, and export the result as an .mp3 that you can listen to on the go.

    But I feel like doing something like that would technically be a violation of copyright (even if you've paid for the product and aren't sharing it with anyone else), so something more legitimate would be preferable.
  3. I think Mike is working on an app but it would be great if they had downloadable .mp3's. Might be a browser extension for that with Vimeo files.
  4. That would take hours for even one video during which you can't play back anything else on the computer. With a proper tool you should be able to get all audio only versions of all your videos in a couple of minutes, if you have downloaded the videos already.

    There probably is, that would be one way. But those downloader tools are often super shady, so you should do a little research before you install anything. If you have the videos already, you could try googling "mp4 demux". A demux should be the fastest way to get the audio only version of a video, because it takes the embedded audio stream as is from the video file without re-encoding.

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