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Airport Tune #1 (aka writing music when on an airport/plane)

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Francesco Bortolussi, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hey all!

    Yesterday I recorded a new piece with a really big orchestra (50 or so musicians) in Madrid. It just so happened that I was still so excited and full of adrenaline today (from yesterday's session) that I wrote a little tune on my way back home.
    It was just me and my laptop. No keyboards were used :D
    I did use the sound of Sibelius to guide me, as I wasn't comfortable enough to just go by ear when surrounded by hundreds of people in a loud environment (also, I couldn't really sing there).

    Here is just a very little tune written in the span of 3some hours in the airport (and on the plane). Not a masterpiece, and probably not worthy of being remembered for more than a few days. A good representation of what I fall back on when I have no time and no tools. Something is telling me that if I look at it tomorrow, I'd probably change everything :D It's rough and under-notated, but who cares, sometimes it's fun to take on this little experiments/challenges

    So, while we wait on the big orchestral recording, here's something:

    Score: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e10fgc916k2rzhu/airport tune 2019 - Full Score.pdf?dl=0

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  2. Bravo!

    Thank you for posting score and for sharing us this great little piece. Excellent job. I enjoyed your theme and development. It had structure and forward motion. I'm pretty much satisfied even if you think its not worth remembering.

    However! One thing you could work on is a real coda or ending. You could also extend the piece if you wanted but I kind of enjoyed how short and sweet it was; but, you're ending was almost as if you just ran out of steam and decided to stop the piece there (which I imagine your plane was probably boarding and you literally had to wrap things up haha!). I do love the full circle back using your opening as your ending; just could experiment more and finesse it into a stronger coda with your opening idea. Food for thought as I know you were just writing in the airport and having some fun.

    Thanks for sharing and congrats on your orchestra recording!
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  3. That was exactly the case! At some point I didn't have much more time, and I decided to wrap it up. I had another ending in mind, with that little figure repeated 3 times (adding more and more instruments at every pass), but I decided to only do it once. I could definitely try to find a better ending, you're absolutely right!

    Thank you for checking it out! When I write a premise like the one above, not a lot of people take the effort to check the music out; it seems like the more time you put into something, the more people are inclined to listen and give feedback. However, I do believe that taking the time to write little ideas (and often in a relatively short amount of time) is one of the tricks to develop your compositional skills. If I did this every day for a year, I'm sure I'd be 10x the composer I am now. In fact, I was debating whether or not I should've posted this, but I think it's worth it just because it pushes this idea that people should experiment and post more things on this forum!

    Thank you very much! I'm very excited to be able to share my orchestral recording in a few days (weeks?) here!
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