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Aaron Venture Infinite Brass

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Paul T McGraw, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Our very own Aaron Venture has just released his first sample library, Infinite Brass. It has enough individual horns, trumpets, and trombones to create just about any size of brass ensemble. Oh, also tuba, we cannot forget the tuba.

    It is a single patch per instrument library that is perfect for the keyboard artist who wants to perform a brass part on the keyboard and get convincing results. Lots of programming goes on behind the scenes to match attacks with velocity yet using CC1 for volume. I purchased the library. and it is has a good tone and is very polished and professional. The library has a similar philosophy to Adventure Brass, but to my ears Infinite Brass sounds better. It is also more flexible, since you can use the many individual instruments either on the same line or divisi. I tried having 4 horns playing the same midi data and it sounded great and no phasing issues as I moved CC! from a value of 1 to 128 and back. I would think Infinite Brass would be a natural choice for @Mike Verta or anyone who is interested in performing parts on the keyboard. Here is a link:

  2. I also bought the library and wanted to support @Aaron Venture. That's a great library. Looking forward to the rest of Infinite series.
    Like I said on VI I love the way this library "knows" what I'm trying to play. Even when my playstyle is clunky and most three-year-olds can play waaay better than me. I also like modular "build your own ensemble" approach. I don't need six or eight French Horns for every single piece.
    And this encourages me to actually play the parts. No more lazy MIDI drawing. No more draw -> humanize velocity -> humanize duration -> draw CC1.
    And you forced me to rebuild my template yet again... Aghrr!
  3. Man, this library sounds pretty fantastic. Sounding good is one thing, being playable is another. You have my interest piqued!
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