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New Profile Posts

  1. Rob Kennedy
  2. Rob Kennedy
  3. Abián Castellano
    Abián Castellano
    "Create yourself, learn as much as you can, build your persona and leave a legacy for others to follow"
  4. Luca Williams
    Luca Williams
    Back to basics
  5. Olivier T
    Olivier T Leonardo Badinella
    Hi Leonardo, how are you? I'm new to the forum and saw that you have a nice collection of score for study and transcribing. I also have a huge collection and some you might like. Would you mind to share your Predator suite and Total Recall? Thanks, have a great day
    1. Leonardo Badinella
      Leonardo Badinella
      Hi Olivier, did you check the google drive folder? I think Silvestri's Predator and Goldsmith's Total Recall are there.
      Dec 30, 2020
  6. Bill McFadden
    Bill McFadden
    Being Creative
  7. Vlad Zavin
    Vlad Zavin Alexander Schiborr
  8. Vlad Zavin
    Vlad Zavin Alexander Schiborr
    Hi Alexander. Would you be interested/available to produce a track for me - orchestral mockup? Doug Gibson recommended you. I listened to your soundcloud mockups - they are top notch. Do you have a business or personal email, this way I can provide more details about the track and attach piano sketch, etc. Thank you, Vladimir.
    1. Alexander Schiborr
      Alexander Schiborr
      Hey Vlad, thanks for your interest in working with me and your positive feedback on my work. Would it be possible that we first have a short skype meeting to address this topic further? Please let me know your Skype name and I would be happy to reach out to you in a timely manner.
      Apr 10, 2020
    2. Vlad Zavin
      Vlad Zavin
      Hi Alexander
      Thank you for quick response. We certainly can discuss this over Skype, but it may be a bit premature, since this track has a bit of a history... Because these comments are limited to 420 characters, I sent you detailed message via Bandcamp.
      Apr 11, 2020
  9. Julianne Sharer
    Julianne Sharer
    Composer, lifelong learner; Agile Coach by day
  10. Musiversal
  11. Manuel Cervera
    Manuel Cervera
    Always learning
  12. Stephan Schelens
    Stephan Schelens
    Please dont do God Farts anymore
  13. Brunet Thomas
    Brunet Thomas
    French composer and writer
  14. Vladan Mijatovic
  15. Sean Gosker
    Sean Gosker Mike Verta
    Hi Mike, i bought Composition 4 but never received my password to watch it live, just wondering if you can forward on a password to me, i can send you on my receipt of purchase if required.
  16. David Middleton
    David Middleton
    Experimenting with tone science
  17. David Middleton
    David Middleton
    You Must Create!
  18. Mike Douglas
  19. Dillon DeRosa
    Dillon DeRosa
    Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, John Williams in that order.
  20. Dyllan Mills-Harten