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You And I – jazzy orchestra

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Thomas Bryla, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    Here's my take on a jazzy piece in a standard form for symphony orchestra.

  2. Wonderful stuff!!! I love the genre and I really enjoyed your piece. It's a very nice theme supported with great orchestration. The vibe is clear from the beginning and the structure is nice an simple to understand. It's also very refreshing to hear live players :)
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  3. Thanks Mattia!
  4. I like it! Reminds me of Henry Mancini. Very well executed.
  5. This was so spunky haha. I loved it. Very clear execution of structure. I understood your theme very clearly.

    Honestly, you could've gone on with the piece more or I wanted you too atleast! Because I was digging it. Right where you ended it is where you would begin your development and show off your crazy ideas/orchestrations even more and then lead back to the melody in the utmost sexy way. Of course I assume you know that since you said Symphony form. But Man! I can hear it now *daydreaming* lol.

    Great job! ;)
  6. Thanks Dillon,
    As this was for a demo pitch, I cut it at 1m30s but yes this could have had a few more choruses.
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  7. Thanks Paul – I have indeed found inspiration in Mancinis and Nesticos work.
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  8. Fantastic !!! Bravo !!

    Ok..... to be "that guy"....... What did you use in terms of gear to realize it all?
    Sounds wonderful, composition and production wise.

    Keep up the great work !
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  9. Thanks! What do you mean gear? I used Sibelius.
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  10. upload_2018-7-11_12-3-23.png
  11. Haha great!!
    Yes as stated earlier it in fact is live.
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  12. Leaving aside the $99 orchestra, the expense must have been huge. I think you said you used a recording group in Budapest in another thread. So let's see, if it was part of a bigger session and they could get it done in 15 minutes, then say $50 for each musician plus conductor plus recording engineer, I would say $3,000 is the absolute minimum I can imagine. You must be rich. :)
  13. And how much do you reckon people here and let's say VI-Control spend on samples, machines and so on? And if it could be done in 15 minutes?
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  14. I am not critical at all, If anything I am jealous!

    The full Spitfire Symphony without percussion is $1,700. The full Orchestral Tools orchestra without percussion is $2,300. The VSL Symphonic Cube (full) is $4,500 so none of this stuff is cheap. In favor of samples you have the fact that you can use the samples over and over again for numerous pieces of music. In favor of live musicians you have the fact that even the best samples will never truly duplicate the sound of real musicians. Also live musicians are infinitely more flexible. The same group can sound awesome with a jazzy piece or with Wagner. If you have the money, obviously live musicians are preferred. I wish I had the money!

    I was guessing $3,000 for 15 minutes. Was I off? Is it less than that? Please share your experience with using the live orchestra.
  15. Budapest Scoring offers shared sessions which let you book 30-minute slots and they have different setups for different times. Here's a price for a standard orchestra for one slot

    These are great for smaller pieces of music, I think you can't book a session shorter than 3 hours otherwise.

    I do recall Thomas saying he didn't go through Budapest Scoring, though, so his experience is probably different.
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  16. Well yes, you are off.
    Eastern European orchestras cost $1,000-$2,500 per hour depending on size. $12,000 per hour as you guessed is the minimum of when I record in Denmark or Abbey Road/AIR.
    My experience with live orchestra is huge. I write on average 1 hour of music per month that is performed or recorded with a live orchestra. What do you want to know specifically?
  17. Wow, 1 hour per month. You are wonderfully prolific. It takes me two or three months to write an eight minute piece of music!

    Do you find the quality of the final recording to be better with some orchestras? Have you ever found the recording by any of the groups unusable? Have you had any major surprises, good or bad?

    Do you have to be present at the recording session? Do you conduct yourself?

    I find the entire topic fascinating, but I do not want to be rude, so please just share whatever you are comfortable with sharing. And thanks!
  18. Great questions, Paul!
    Yes I do. London and LA are by far my best experiences. Prague and Budapest are by far the best 'discount'-orchestras. I've had bad experiences with other Eastern European companies that I won't name here. My experience with the 99-dollar orchestra can be read in detail on VI.

    Only that one time I wanted to record a 2 second jingle with the 99 dollar. I ended up using the Noteperformer output from Sibelius with the recording mixed in at about 20%.

    Once I had booked a session and the engineer took 40 minutes of the session time to do sound check!! Plus it turned out the orchestra was a student orchestra. I later figured that the contractor had thought I was just a student and had booked me a subpar orchestra only later to tell me that they had better options. That was just two of the many things wrong with that session. Another point was that the contractor (quite similar to 99dollar) was VERY bad at responding to e-mails.
    No I don't but it's by far the best. Skyping with the booth doesn't work since there's a terrible detail and chain of command to go through to the conductor and you are not sure you are heard. If I'm not present myself, someone else from the production is.

    Only for certain performances. I never conduct recordings. The in-house conductor knows the people and how to talk to them on any day. Plus if they are non-English speakers the conductor knows how to talk to them natively. Plus I get to sit behind the incredibly large mixing console and take pictures for my Facebook profile!! (I don't understand why people do this). Seriously I monitor the recordings and keep track of the takes and schedule.
    Not rude at all! I'm happy to answer questions when you are interested :)
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  19. Thank you @Thomas Bryla for giving me a little glimpse into your process. I just played "You and I" for my wife. She asked me if it was one of the tracks from "Fantastic Beasts" and it does sort of have the same vibe. I have listened to all of your tracks on Soundcloud, and I am looking forward to listening to your next piece.
  20. Awesome, Paul! I loved that movie but haven’t heard the music since then.
    I’m glad you like my music and contribution and I certainly will upload some more.
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