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Would anyone be interested in a "Stock" Sample modeling tutorial?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Kyle Judkins, Mar 7, 2018.


Should I make a tutorial?

  1. This sounds like doo doo butter, and your playing makes me want to puke

  2. Jawesome, that classic charm makes me want to rewatch ESB, but your playing makes me want to puke

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  1. I'm thinking about making a tutorial on how to get an orchestral sound out of SM without a.) expensive reverbs, but rather stock kontakt. and b.) a sound that sounds orchestral without losing the punch and clarity that occurs when it's swimming in reverbs.

    If it's piqued some interest, I'll dial in my multibland/eq settings, test out some more kontakt IRs, and make a tutorial on it.

    But for now, I did a short test - using a single band on a multiband, and 2 bands of EQ. Could use a little more low mids, but I feel like it captures the more classic score sound from the other JW films - where it would need some more warmth to feel like a modern score I feel... but that said - it sits extremely well with other instruments in the orchestration due to the cleaner bottom end - but I know I personally want to add a little more body - without hurting the punch, brassiness, and power.

    This is just ensemble patches - with some duct-taped midi plugins so I can use my mod wheel for dynamics and my pitch wheel for vibrato without having to manually go into the patches and change them to CC 1/CC 2. and just some octave transposition on some of the instruments for a more realistic unison, and to make it easier to hear the different instruments.
  2. here is a second example using a few spitfire libraries - to show how it would sit with other sample libraries.

    some examples where I flip around different orchestration combos
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  3. Hi Kyle,
    I really like these videos!
    Could you make some example using solo instruments, like trombone solo, and explaining in detail how you obtained the sound?
    I love SM Brass, but I can't figure out how to use them in orchestra...I am already using the trumpets, but I would like to have a more round and fat sound with the trombones.
    Thanks in advance!
  4. This sounds GREAT Kyle! I personally would love to know how to see how you do this!
  5. Yes, please do! Very interested, and already have been trying a bit myself, so would love to see your take on it! :)
  6. Well hello my friends, strange to see this brought back from the dead... I was convinced there really wasn't any motivation to make this kind of video
  7. Hi Kyle,
    I am waiting for the video with impatience ;-)
  8. ive been super busy lately, sorry.

    haven't had time for much, I WILL get to this.
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  9. Yeah, I’d be interested too.
  10. What is an expensive reverb ? I started to use Breeze2 after seeing Blakus use Breeze, is that too expensive ? I just wonder if people think they need altiverb or something. Great you foucs on Samplemodeling, if you have tricks for their woodwinds also please let us know :D
    Mike also covers a bit samplemodeling brass in his Virtuosity and Template Balancing videos.

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