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Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Doug Gibson, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. If I may just do a little shameless self promotion. I was one of two orchestrators on this film. I think the release is Nov. 17th, so if you are around a theater...... please go see it.

  2. Do you have any material to listen to? I normally won´t make it to the movie theatre.
  3. I can't post anything outside of what the general public gets. I am not sure if the soundtrack will get released independently.
  4. So how is the work as an orchestrator for such movie going like? Did you had classic Piano transcriptions and then you orchestrate them after having gotten the direction from the composer and director? Or how is that like in your case? And I guess it was for live orchestra, so can you tell a little about the process? I am interested because I don´t have much experience in that regards.
    Thank you and maybe if there is something available I would appreciate if you post it here.
  5. Well, I am pretty sure I can post past film work examples as they are on youtube.

    The only time I have ever simply received a piano score to orchestrate is for people writing musicals. ( I really don't like the genre at all, so I have only done a few. Nice people though ! ) For film work it is very much like the process Mike has described. I usually get the midi file and an mp3 of the mock-up. If I do my job right, in the studio it should sound like the mock-up; only better.

    This soundtrack was recorded at Abbey Road.

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  6. Looks like a gem! I'll certainly be seeing it.

    By the way, does one usually have to be tight-lipped when it comes to media scores (i.e. no sharing outside of what the studio decides to share, regardless of how long the film has been out)?
  7. Awesome! Been so busy I haven't gotten a chance to see it, I hope it's still in theaters.
  8. Sometimes ya just got ta blow your own horn.

    From Fobes:
    "should soar past $100m sometime next weekend to become Lionsgate's biggest domestic hit of 2017 and their biggest since La La Land."

    How about that ? The orchestration of course.
  9. That's great news Doug! Hats off to you!

    It's funny because I think I saw the trailer, quite liked the music and found out a day later that you had orchestrated it. I almost feel famous by proxy now haha! Do you do signatures?
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  10. I've never really had anyone ask. But I do post a lot of stupid and offensive shit on Redbanned ! If that counts.
  11. I think that's more valuable than a signature!
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  12. If I may: More shameless self promotion.

    I recently -- Well the recording session was today - did a couple extra orchestrations for this new series on Amazon.

    Now ..... the trailer does not have any of the official soundtrack. It's the music of some hack no one has ever heard.

    (Just kidding. I adore most of his music)

    Out Oct 12th.

  13. I've become lazy in looking for good story in media lately (it can be hard to find), so music is largely my motivator for exploring new things (and if the story happens to be good too, then hooray!), so please keep shamelessly self-promoting.
  14. I don't know if this is taboo, but this way you didn't have to post it :).

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  15. Do you have experience recording in Abbey Road studio one ?
    Then it would be great if you could help with the template balancing. My own sonic ideal is Studio One, especially Star Wars and LOTR. I don't think I'm alone.
    I don't know if it is my imagination but Harry Potter feels a bit more dry. I guess you can manipulate dry/wet in Studio One ?
    It is hard to find reference for a lot of instruments in certain registers and dynamics so impossible to know what they are supposed to sound like (in Studio One).
    Mike gave us the tools but not the references.
    Maybe you could help Mike with a virtuoso/template balancing 2 class ? He did also leave out half of the instruments (tuba, cimbasso, snare, cymbals, bass-clarinet, contrabassoon etc.) and was mostly focused on a more dry sound. I would also love to know how to treat more exotic instruments such as bassflute and contrabass clarinet..
    The best money I've ever spent on music education but still want more :D
    There are also technical aspects such as time alignment between microphones that could be useful knowledge when doing template balancing the Mike way.
    Mike admitted not knowing anything about it (Shawn Murphy magic)
    I really hope you can help :D
  16. Whoa !! That question is way over my head. Sorry, I am not able to help here.

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