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When I transcribe.

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Adam Alake, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. I think my favorite part is when we see you wearing gloves. Man you are all in on it.

    Watching it I kept on thinking the title should be:

    When I go to NAMM I hear. That joke only makes sense for people who have suffered through more than one day of NAMM.

    I like it man. Totally retro.

    Does anyone remember the BMX soft porn movies of the 80's. So awful it's great.
    I wonder if @Mike Verta ever got into this kind of stuff.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed watching ! Thanks, and all the best
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  2. One day of NAMM is all I can handle. It's like going to Guitar Center x10000
  3. He probably did, I forgot to mention which piece I was transcribing

  4. I lol'd at the "Seven Years Later" gfx.

    You're batting about 75-80% correct, I'd say. Use the Transcribe! app to slow it down to 50% and see if that makes it any easier. I'll try to find some time to notate the main line for you to check against.
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  5. Oh, I forgot the software existed. I will do as you said, and if it is still off, I would be really grateful for the notation.
  6. yes, yes, yes. It's pretty wonderful, and I love it only does one thing.

    Oh ! I had no idea it was Sensei's piece.

    I can't get over how Bad, Rad is. So bad .... it's rad ! Loving the "Mork and Mindy" clothes the two guys wear at 55".
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  7. So, I had a closer look at half the speed as you suggested, and I believe I got it right this time, although with some performance issues.

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  8. 98%. You're having an issue or two in the B section as the sax line finishes and the ascending line takes over. But actually the thing that I noticed most is in the melody you're not holding the D between halves of the phrase- listen to the note lengths. Holding the note lengths will make it much harder to get around to the next hand position quickly but the note lengths is the phrasing - and I think one of the most important things for us to learn in transcription is phrasing! Otherwise sounds like you just about got it!
  9. I am glad you mentioned this, I realised I never actually pay attention to exact note lengths and such, this puts things into a new perspective. Time to transcribe with a new pair of ears, so to speak.
  10. But keep the glove ! Loving that style
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  11. Definitely keeping that, it actually started because I smoke - removing the fingers allowed me to retain the benefits of wearing mittens while also being able to smoke normally, yet I got so used to it that I use it as an accessory.
  12. well played. and nice exercises. How about the chords you found out?
  13. Thank you, Alexander. Harmony is mostly irrelevant to me at this point in time, I am focusing my transcription and composition work on melodic structure - it is a crucial element for a solid composition in my opinion, and it also is an area where I am lacking the most. I mean, if I want a memorable, hummable theme, it makes sense to makethe melody the first and foremost aspect and harmony as a secondary supporting elelement.
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  14. That is great. Because good melodies don´t need chords..they actually are strong and outline the chords so that you can allready here whats underneath. Looking forward more to see on your journey.
  15. When I transcribe...

    ...this happens:

  16. who did film me??
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  17. The pants falling down is a nice touch indeed
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  18. I get the gist, and spirit, of what you both are saying. I some-what whence at this, (it's all connected) Doug is not going to nit-pick, and instead suggest you also focus on developing one other area of your musicianship skills based on your goals.

    Rhythm. If you think about it, entire artist have made a whole career by being good at only this aspect. From countless techno guys, to James Brown.

    James Brown did not break harmonic ground, but god damn what a groove.

    Just listen to an old Michael Jackson demo, since you such an 80's guy.

    You can't separate the hook from the rhythmic aspects. If you get a groove like that, you can read a newspaper and people will dance.

    Rhythm is the most subliminal aspect of music. If people are tapping a foot or moving there heads, they are being influenced to act on some physical level.

    Study drummers. I mean even 2 notes can be catchy as hell

  19. Indeed, I have already written a few themes since I was led on this road by a fellow composer and the difference is incredible. Not only are my compositions, but I also work much faster and things are finally starting to make a semblance of sense.

    Very true, but I consider rhythm as a part of melodic structure, on top of that in my opinion the rhythm of a melody has more importance then the notes used, I base this reasoning on the fact that people understand rhythm from the getgo and can easily reproduce it, yet recognising and reproducing pitch is much more difficult and needs to be trained. Might be totally wrong, but it works for me.

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