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What the fuck is wrong with people? (warning: rant)

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by T.j. Prinssen, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Seriously, you can't keep you mouth shut for a 50 minute concert of some of the greatest music ever written?, even after people have repeatedly asked you to stop talking?
    UN-fucking-believable.. So disrespectful to the people around you who paid for their tickets, the musicians and the composer. What are you doing there in the first place, as you obviously didn't come to listen?!

    Thanks for ruining a great concert for me and everyone else around me (though I equally blame them for being total pussies and not speaking up).

    This has been happening more and more but never AFTER someone asked you to stop talking, REPEATEDLY.

    Hope this couple gets hit by a fucking car tonight, wish I could be of help with that. I'd back up a couple times to make sure.

    Since we are being negative,
    What the fuck is wrong with people taking out their phones and filming during concerts even though they've been told it's not allowed not even 5 minutes prior!?
    I fucking hate this 'goldfish generation'* so much, if they swim in a circle they've forgotten what they were thinking about 5 seconds ago (*might not be be true for actual goldfish).

    Some of the greatest concerts I saw when I was in my teens, I don't have video or pictures and I'm glad.
    How about enjoying the 1 hour a year you're NOT looking at it!?

    / Rant
  2. Sorry you had a bad experience! I've had people thrown out of the movies before, which is satisfying, but low stakes compared to concert tickets.
  3. Where was this and what concert?
  4. Daphnis et ChloƩ in the big hall here in Amsterdam
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  5. #5 Alexander Schiborr, Apr 29, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
    Good that I was not attending the show, because I know me that I would get physical towards those stupid people and that would end nasty. Very disrespectful indeed. I luckily never had such an experience but I can truely understand your rant here. There are more and more people who think the center of their world are they and so they behave. I think they need everymorning when they look in the mirror a slap in their face to know their role. That is my opinion.
  6. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Especially since it was a Daphnis et ChloƩ concert. That sucks.

    You can get physical or verbal, but that just ruins it for everyone else. Water splash works wonders. I've seen such narcissists get splashed in cinema, and they turn around all furious only to face half a dozen poker faces staring at them, because everyone around them is thinking the same thing. The fit lasts a couple of seconds, and whaddya know, they are on their best behavior for the rest of the film.

    The first time I've seen it I was amazed at how effective it was. Not really physical, no long arguments, and it's not beer or wine so you're not actually ruining their clothes or the seats/carpets. Kind of like how you'd splash a dog who just won't stop barking. No harm done, and it snaps him out of the aggressive state.
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  7. #7 Mike Verta, Apr 29, 2018
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    "One bad apple spoils the bunch." This is true; it's because of ethylene gas coming off of ripened fruit. The more ripe, the more gas; the faster the decay of unripened fruit around it. What isn't as well-known, however, is that two bad apples don't spoil the bunch twice as fast; they spoil it four times as fast. 3 bad apples spoil it 8 times as fast. The decaying effect is exponential.

    There are more than twice as many people on Earth now as there were when I was born. ~3.5bn is now ~7.6bn. As the number of apples has doubled, so too the number of bad apples has doubled; their decaying effect on the good apples has quadrupled. The more of us there are, the worse it gets. This is why you'll notice that "things" across almost every spectrum of civilization have seemingly gotten a lot worse, a lot faster, and it looks like the rate is increasing. It is. Throwing more good apples in the bag doesn't help -you'd need exponentially more good apples to combat it. It doesn't overcome the Second Law of Thermodynamics: entropy increases. Our homes, our cars, our gardens - everything - are in a constant state of decay and will fall apart unless we fight against it. We have to dust the house and effect repairs or, left to its own, entropy will reduce the house to nothing. Entropy increases in all forms, including the standards to which civilization holds itself, and the standards to which people hold themselves individually. Any parent will tell you that humans are inherently selfish; we have to teach children to be caring; to be empathetic; to practice altruism; to experience and value the otherwise intangible feeling of pride of knowing one is a "good apple." But this lesson has fallen to entropy; not entirely, just more than double, and the decaying effect has spread exponentially.

    There are more parameters to it; that's the simple version, but it contains the root. And it changes nothing about what we must do: be the change; lead by example; fight the entropy in ourselves. But once the rotting in the bag has started, the only way to slow it is to remove all the bad apples. And if the bad apples are bad enough to spread mold, then it's over no matter what we do. So "things" are not going to get better; they're going to continue to decay at a continually accelerating rate. This will likely not look like armageddon, but it will have to hit bottom before we know what's next. In nature, 99% of the time, this is some version of "starting over/extinction."

    Some good apples, trapped in the rotting bag, determine to "focus on the positive"; look away from the rot towards the good side. "Things are not so bad," they reason, "if you just focus on the good and don't worry about the bad. It's depressing and you can't do anything about it anyway." It's as good a plan as any, I suppose, for waiting out the spreading rot consuming the bag. But since we can't logistically add enough good apples to compensate for the exponential rate of bad apple decay, it seems to me the really great apples would be working on ways to destroy the bad ones. In truth, that's the only chance any bag has got. That's how you fight this entropy. It's an interesting place to be, historically - to know that if we indiscriminately wiped out 3+ billion people ("safely"), we would have done the single most loving, humanitarian, positive social act in history. This alone wouldn't stop the process from starting all over again, because ultimately we have to raise more good apples, but right now, good apples don't have a chance. Not. A. Chance. It's just math. And entropy.
  8. I just saw Avengers: Infinity War... same motivation for the 'big boss' of the franchise.

    I agree with your point about entropy, selfishness, and the sentiment that "it is easier to burn down a barn than to build a new one," but I'm not persuaded that overpopulation is the root cause.
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  9. As I said, I offered the simplified model, but no matter where you place the decay point (death of religion, relaxing of social stigmas/pressures, absence of natural predation, etc., etc., etc.,) it is an unchecked entropic field behind the collapse of these and all systems. If you're not persuaded, please make your counterargument, though I might caution you to first explore the universal dynamics of any system in nature which experiences explosive sample/specimen/population growth, be it floral, animal, bacterial. It helps that there is currently only one chart for human population growth over the last few centuries, and only two generally accepted conclusions, neither of which are good.
  10. @Mike Verta, I agreed with your points. I just attribute rudeness, the OP topic, to human nature - we're selfish, tribal, and all the rest. If more humans = more assholes, then I agree with that too. I don't think entropy has to do with human nature, we were bastards a thousand years ago, and we're still assholes to each other today, but on the whole we're moving in the right direction.

    I enjoy reading speculative science fiction, and as a sidebar I prefer Star Trek to Star Wars, because it speaks about our current philosophical bent and projects it into the future. I'm optimistic. In the Trek universe, they figured it out (economy, education, service to others, etc.). I share Roddenberry's hopeful vision of the future, and agree with your point that we have to resist our worst nature to have a chance as a species. Few people today (in the developed West) would prefer to live in a much earlier time. Death by simple tooth infection, half the life expectancy, more women dying in childbirth, child labor, outright slavery, and no libraries can compare vast content on the internet,...I could go on, but these point to progress. There's moral progress in that list too - gone is the 3/5ths compromise and women can vote.

    Our culture is not currently set up to handle these issues (sustainable population and inequality of opportunity). I agree we have an exploding population. It's a well-known fact that educational attainment is inversely related to birthrate. Educated women delay childbirth, take precautions to manage their fertility, and have fewer kids. But our society will legislate as if high school students won't have sex if we teach them only abstinence. We also don't treat education like it is a profession worthy of the pay, benefits, and esteem we grant many other vocations. Less education, higher births.

    I know the ecological studies of animal populations when they get out of balance. People have to eat to live. We heavily subsidize certain foods (corn, grain, soy), and wonder why we're one of the fattest nations. Here's a graphic of what the government recommends is a balanced diet, and a companion graphic of how they spend agricultural subsidies.
    Fruit & vegetables are good - So let's spend money on something else :rolleyes:. On the topic of food, the U.S. is the largest exporter of food in the world, but paradoxically we still have people that can't get enough food to eat. The #2 exporter in the world is....The Netherlands! They have about 1,300 people per square mile, and 270 times less land mass than the U.S., and are that productive. So, we can technically feed a lot of folks (and require less human labor to do it), which won't be a limiting factor on population growth.

    Back to entropy, we can buy ourselves a lot of time with technology, better governance, and thriving on some other planet (opening the system, decreasing the entropy). Right now, we seem to only be actively working on 1 (tech) of those 3. I'd prefer to have a more responsive/responsible government, pull more people out of poverty, get people educated, lower the birthrate, and figure out better ways to manage our natural resources. Probably wishful thinking. If only we had replicators....
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    I love the strange places the "Bar & Grill" threads go. Bad concert etiquette, to overpopulation, to agricultural subsidies.
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