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What happend to the 'so '80s' masterclass?

Discussion in 'Info, Requests, etc.' started by Tom Welsh, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. I thought it was recorded / live last week (May 24th)? Hope it's uploaded soon...

  2. It was rescheduled for last night (an email went out to all list subscribers). It is being uploaded soon.
  3. Ah yes I just got your email with the link.
  4. Cracking masterclass, by the way (I just finished watching it). What I'd still like to know most is... who is the audience for 80s style music and how do I find them? It's clear the 80s is an era beloved by everyone but it's not so obvious who would be willing to pay a fee for recreating it. I've spent the last 15 years or so trying to figure out the production and music aspects that make the 80s tick and it has been mostly for my own satisfaction but now I feel regret that I've wasted so much time developing a skill which it seems there is no demand for. I know synthwave is hugley popular at the moment and and I used to hang around that crowd a few years back but as Mike suggests in the description of his masterclass that this music does not really capture the musical techniques and especially structure of actual 80s music but offers more of a modern (dare I say) it 'vertical development' approach with an inflated, hyped production feel instead.

    I've come to a point now where I've decided to put 80s music to one side and switch to making orchestral music which is where I started and how I discovered Mike's videos originally. Of course, finding an audience for that is a similar but perhaps lesser problem...
  5. Hi @Mike Verta,

    is there a link to the video for those of us who bought the class in advance? I got the Coupon and the Newsletter mail with the announcement that the class is now available for purchase, but I got no link to the video itself.
    Thanks a lot, it was a really fun and informative class, as always!

  6. It's here now in the Classes section - same password!
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