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Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries - Metal

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Alexander Schiborr, May 23, 2019.

  1. #1 Alexander Schiborr, May 23, 2019
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    Just wanted to share a bit of my recent project works (pretty slammed with projects for some while), actually hanging and banging around with that thing here. Is a lot of fun, not finished though - so consider it as a workflow version. Good party and drinking music I believe so.

    Its based on that original here:


    Ayatollah of rocknrolla? Or not? Need a bit input.

    Thanks guys.

    EDIT: Ok, here is the full track rough mix version of the whole track:

  2. #2 Alexander Schiborr, May 24, 2019
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    Okay my own critic after sleeping overnight: Less double bass fillers over all because it is too hectic. The repetition part is fine with the double bass though. Also I feel that the OH Cymbals are a bit too loud. Also I need to re-record a few Guitar parts which can be simply be better played..or just more precise.
    I am not sure if I keep the wind trills at that volume in or in general. They add flow and excitment to the orchestral version but sometimes they fight with my solo guitars as they are in the same range and boxing at each other. I am not quite sure yet. I could also play all the melodies with the guitars but wanted to avoid that it sounds too similiar to other metal covers out there and also Daniels B´s. WWE theme. Not quite sure yet. The guitars are double tracked, I could add 2 more, though I would loose precision and I am not sure if such track since quadtracked "oompf" here.


    I had also the idea that somebody sings lyrics over the main melody line. The vocals have to bit rock operatic kind of Freddy Mercury esqued, you know? But I don´t know anybody who can do something like that. Lyrics would be available from the Ring of the Nibelungen universe though. The mix version is a bit overworked with the bassdrums.
  3. I hate to admit it, but I have no idea what to make of this composition. I guess I am just too old and too set in my ways. But I can say one thing with certainty, it is the most original version of the "Ride" that I ever heard. :)
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  4. You have to be really precise with quad tracking, but I'd vote double-tracking is probably most effective. You want them to cut. I think you kept it fresh by not just making it a "guitar cover", you turned it more into "symphonic metal", where the guitars act more as an instrument in the symphony, rather than the lead. Great job! What do you have going for bass? A tight, distorted midrangey bassline following guitars often adds some solid girth.
  5. I think this is awesome.
  6. Came for another listen, this is awesome :D
  7. Hey guys sorry for the lack of communication..I am very busy again..mixing and mastering someones bands album and working on my own Black Metal Album currently, listen also here..
  8. Love the old-school symphonic sound. Reminds me somewhat of Bal Sagoth. Are the drums programmed or recorded?
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    Drums were performed but with samples. I did sketch them out by myself and I consulted and met my drummer Toni Merkel (one my old drummers and best friends) to make them better than I can do. He is a fusion, Jazz, but in first line Extreme Metal drummer. He is also these days a drum teacher and giving lessons.

    I am very proud of this guy what he has achieved so far in his career. I remember back in 2009 there was a contest on a big metal festival in Europe where he won a custom built snare drum. The contest was "how many snare strokes" you can do in one minute. And he won that with 1067 hits per minute or something. And there were some well known drummers from the metal scene back then which he had to compete against.
  10. That's impressive. Covering Archspire is no easy feat.
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  11. 2:20 min in the video...970 Strokes..ok..

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  12. Oh it's a drum video. Phew ...... I thought I might have accidentally been caught masturbating.
  13. No worries, your time is well spent there! Great old-school vibe on that track. Reminds me of stuff I'd discover on the Ablaze sampler CDs back in the days.

    Cool dude, very impressive!

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