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Voyage of the Iron Hawk

Discussion in 'Film & Film Production' started by George Streicher, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. I made this short film for fun years ago. It's kind of a "concept trailer," but mostly just an excuse to practice VFX and make something in the world of the 1930s-40s pulps like Indiana Jones.

    I worked on the score with a friend of mine; myself doing the opening newsreel march and him scoring the rest of the short.


  2. Awesome! Really well done.
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  3. Thanks! It was a blast to make. Still have dreams of producing a series or something in this style. Someday, perhaps!
  4. I just sat down and started watching...just what I needed after a long day. Damn, then it stopped after three minutes! I really would have enjoyed had it kept going. Both the music and FX were fun to listen to and watch. And thanks for the extra "behind the scenes"....I love those (Netflix really killed them - maybe Marty McFly can go back and fix that?).
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