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Venting..... (Parental Advisory)

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Michael Antrum, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Today has been a difficult day.

    Firstly, this morning I was driving down the motorway to London when the engine let go. The RAC recovered my car to my garage and they have just told me the engine is blown. As a new engine for a 5 series BMW is not exactly cheap, the car is an economic write off...

    After much messing about I got a hire car (requiring more ID and paperwork than you need to get married and buy a house) and just got home to find my wife rather upset.

    She'd just managed to stuff her less than one year old Range Rover into a brick wall....

    I normally try and refrain from bad language but I hope you will forgive me I say, fuckity bastard bollock fuckshit.

    Thank you for bearing with me during this difficult time.
  2. Man, what a day! The good thing is you now have a lot of emotions to put into your music.
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  3. Forgive you ? One of the most endearing comments I have read from you.

    The F-word has brought so much joy to my heart. It's the greatest word ever !
    Let's take a moment to marvel at this wonder of language

    Sure..... that's what I'm here for. You know..... just to be "that guy"... aka "the asshole"........ while I certainly see the frustration and have empathy for
    enduring Murphy's Law, and bureaucratic red tape:

    Pretty nice cars to have crap out on you. Range Rover/ BMW and a visit from the RAC to tow you.

    Having a badly used Dodge Dart with taped windows eat shit on an LA freeway, before cell phones ....... now that's living. A truly lonely as hell moment.
    Funny how many people want nothing to do with you then. Oh..... but a good samaritan tow-truck driver did help out. He had nazi tattoos everywhere, but fuck it..... he's helping me. I only had $20 and he said that was cool (I am sure it was more), and then very matter of fact asked "Do you have any angel dust?"

    Just...be going now..... keep the fuckin piece of shit dodge. .....
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