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Using Metagrid IOS with Cubase Pro 9 (Template Tips)

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Luke Johnson, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. I thought I'd try and make my first main post here useful and although I have light years to go before I could ever (if ever) consider myself a composer, I have recently (yesterday) signed my very first exclusive library album contract and thought I'd share a video I made this week on how I use Metagrid IOS (with dual iPads) to control my Cubase Pro 9 template that I used extensively on my latest album. I managed to write and produce 12 tracks in just over 6 weeks (I've never written so much in such a short time) and I think a lot of the speed came from being able to navigate around over 2300 tracks in Cubase by the touch of a button/buttons. Scrolling through thousands of tracks is a thing of the past (if you use a template of course) when using something like this.

    The Cubase PLE (Project Logical Editor) and MLE is a bit of a headache at first but in this video I show how to create specific PLE commands to always have specific tracks visible when switching between folders (and much more). I also show how to create MLE (Midi Logical Editor) commands that can be assigned to a Metagrid button on the iPad which allows for really fast Midi editing (changing velocities, selecting CC data before or beyond Cursor, Deleting specific CCs, copying CCs to different tracks - all that good stuff).

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this and perhaps there should be a Template Tips and Tricks section as there is always so much to learn and so many ways that people set their DAWs up (or don't) that template talk can always flood other posts (especially when some people hate templates). Either way, I hope this helps somebody and I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out all of this geeky stuff so if it speeds up someone else's journey and makes using Cubase a more joyful experience then all is good!

  2. Welcome aboard Luke & congrats!

    Watched the video you made earlier and a bit of this one (my brain can only handle so much PLE at a time).
    Insane...I can't imagine the time it took to learn and set it all up but I'm sure it was worth it.

    Definitely inspired me to give my touchOSC setup another go, ordered a stand too.
    I wish metagrid would come to android though, looks so much nicer
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  3. It was a headache to say the least but definitely worth it. At the end of the day, if you're not using Metagrid, and you follow the PLE and MLE steps you should be able to assign those Macros to any controller, Lemur, OSc etc. Metagrid isn't as advanced as Lemur but it's only a matter of time. Sadly the Dev has said it's only for IOS though. Shame because buying a massive touch screen (like a Slate Raven) and using it on there would have been killer!

    And yeah, sorry if the video is long but there's just so much detail to cover. :)
  4. No worries, plenty of time to dig through it (a couple of steps at a time).
    Yes, touchOSC will get me there for the most part, just doesn't have the fancy looks.

    Thanks for making them!
  5. I don't use anything in this video, but this looks great.
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  6. Oh Metagrid is incredible! Thanks for the video Luke. I'm so looking forward to the next incarnation with sliders... but even as it is now, it is a huge time saver for navigating large templates.
    Though having just finished loading instruments into a new template, I'm completely re-thinking my entire approach - but thats another story for another thread.
  7. I wouldn't have a template with so many tracks if it wasn't for MG. I didn't have the iPads charged last week and it pained me having to search through the template especially how it's been designed with hiding and showing everything. It made me aware of just how reliant I am not on a touch controller now. There are certain controls that I feel must be left on physical buttons (and I certainly prefer physical faders for CC control) for example, going back or forward -1 or +1 frame because it's such a visual thing that I need to be looking at the video footage and not having to keep looking at the iPad to make sure my finger hasn't left the button position due to lack of haptic feedback. Spacebar will always be play and stop so why bother mapping transport controls to the iPad as well. It's just a balancing act of what makes life easier and workflow faster and the fact you can have a grid of named buttons that can always be updated was the thing that sold me as this is as good as it gets until touchscreens are finally made with haptic feedback (vibrations etc to interact with user).

    Yeah, looking forward to seeing what MG evolves into because let's face it, it costs £15 which is less than a few beers and I find it hard to fault for that price range. Amazing App!
  8. Great video Luke!

    I started trying to figure out PLE/Metagrid and gave up because I couldn't make sense of it all... but you have explained it all, so thanks heaps.
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  9. I'm glad it has helped. Yeah, once you get the hang of it things become simpler and once you have stuff like this set up, writing music becomes much more about writing music and much less being an IT specialist! I'm about to make a shorter videos just on Popular Midi Logical Editor Commands. Well, I say popular, I mean, what I think to be essential Midi Logical Editor commands.
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  10. Reviving an old thread, but wanted to say thanks Luke for the videos and all of the presets. I recently got Metagrid and am working on integrating it into my template (too many tracks!).
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  11. You’re very welcome man. Glad it helps.

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