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Transcription Practice - 80's Pop

Discussion in 'RedBanned TV' started by Mike Verta, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. People ask me how I'm able to transcribe pieces during the Unleashed classes so quickly, and I'd have to say the answer is: practice. If I'm near a piano, I usually transcribe pretty much everything I hear - cellphone rings, stuff on TV, whatever. I've been asked to do live transcription a lot, and though I don't really know how or if this particular flavor of it useful, one never knows. Sometimes people just like to see the process...

  2. This was very useful to me.

    I always preferred classical music, which is great in many ways, but made me very stiff. I never improvised or transcribed growing up. I did not really enjoy rock and pop songs (I think I actually enjoy them more now), and I never realized this pedagogic value of such music. All my music teachers, and I had many of them, also neglected to tell me to play together with the records. Then well into my thirties the Matrix reset and I started discovering that every fluent musician that I know actually learned from playing this way.

    I have read many books on harmony, counterpoint, orchestration etc. and what you say about this kind of education is completely true: it is important but secondary to the real world of speaking in sounds.

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