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Topic Requests

Discussion in 'Info, Requests, etc.' started by Mike Verta, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Like many others, I'm here because what you teach in the masterclasses has also improved my life, at least to the extent that I've put in the work. So thanks for that.

    More to the point though: being shown the same thing several times in different ways is still really valuable! I think the reason people like to watch workflow videos and request transcription examples is because of the same point you make: a lot of what we learn, we absorb from examples. This process gets better better with effort and practice, but don't discount the value of the examples!

    I know you know this, but I want to reiterate it because a plethora of examples that "teach" the same thing does more than repeat the content; it helps normalize and reinforce the concepts on a more basic level. Part of what I like about the musicological classes is seeing the similarities between styles as well as the differences. What's more valuable though is demonstrations of these things in practice and the reassurance on some level that this stuff isn't magic, just a shitload of work.

    This is cheesy, but you've got a great theme here and your audience isn't bored with it yet, even if you are.

    (One last thought: the masterclass format probably isn't the best way to show people the unteachable. Maybe something more community-based might be better, e.g. more transcription/mockup challenges, blind submissions with feedback, shorter more frequent livestreams? You/we've got a great thing going here!)
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    Actually Mike, in terms of "Topic Requests", here's what I'd love to see:

    1. Woodwinds Masterclass in a similar vein as the Brass Masterclass. I don't care if the cost is twice as much. No one in popular media seems to write for woodwinds like the old composers did, as the "epic bwahm" nonsense has rendered it a lost art. I'd love to see strings too, as it would still be unique, but that's more well-trodden ground. I'd love to see the various uses covered too, from the more obvious melodic parts to the crazier Bartok parts.

    2. More videos like the "Jingle Bells" YouTube video. The simplicity of purely showing, rather than telling, has probably been one of the most useful and insightful ways I've learned from you. I see what you're doing, the context you're doing it in, the result, and I can try it all myself. It's uncomplicated and encourages really "getting it under one's fingers".
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  3. Oh that's right, I forgot to put up Joy to the World. I did a thing on that a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the reminder, and yes, Woodwinds would probably be next.
  4. Well, besides the Woodwinds, Brass, maybe percussions? and eventually full orchestra live classes, maybe one class on a more aleatoric/contemporary technique (not necessarily horror like), kinda of Don Davis, Christopher young and minimalistic composers (John Adams kinda textures?).

    In the composers series, I would like to propose Bruce Broughton, David Newman (or Thomas?), Danny Elfman, and Joel Mcneely.
  5. Here are a few I personally need. Score prep, aleatoric and atonal writing and variations on a theme. For the last one I'm not talking about re-harmonizing a theme but writing new material based on the previous, more like B sections.

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