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Too many forums?

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Jeff Laity, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I think the reason that most of the conversation happens in the chat is that there are too many forums, the site is unweildy to read. I think you could have the five subheaders as forums (Announcements, Masterclasses, Gear/VIs, Music/Composition, Everything Else) and end up with more conversation. Or even just the level below that: Composition instead of three subforums below that. If posts were easier to find it would create more conversation.

    I know that it's low traffic and most of the posts can be found in the "New Posts" list. But I think there might be too many sub-subcategories.
  2. yeah maybe just 3.5 sections would work better.

    Music(no DAW/VI/mixing/ect) to talk about composition and orchestration + post your sketches/notation mockups/ect
    DAW(no composition/orchestration questions) to talk about VI/mixing/mastering/mockup feedback ect
    Masterclasses(to talk about masterclasses)
    then an offtopic section
    maybe adding another section just called "feedback" to solidify stuff people post of their own could work too - just more or less thinking of how it could work.

    would probably mean hiring somebody on the cheap to go through and tag each/move to new subforum - then delete the old subforums
  3. Oh.... is that right. I never go into the chats. I find them impossible to navigate, and for myself the Raison d'ĂȘtre of this place is the
    "learning by doing" atmosphere. Y'all are nice and all, but it's the "work" presented that keeps me coming back here.

    I don't really have an opinion on how many sub categories, but I do like being clear of some of the trite mental clutter that
    gets posted on VIC.
  4. I never understood the complaints about forum organization. I never look at the forums themselves but just check "latest posts" and read if they're interesting. Works fine as it is for me, I couldn't give a rat's @#$ where the conversation is taking place if its interesting, I'll read it, if not, I pass.
  5. I don't think the really productive chat happens in the chat area, honestly. Could be wrong, but it seems like the "good stuff" is usually confined to dedicated threads.

    I'd personally like to see more stickied threads. They're impossible to navigate when they're 8 years old and 700 pages long, but the ones here would be no more than a handful of pages and contain some really useful info.
  6. I've been observing the chat getting busier lately (although I rarely read it). I'd rather see most of the conversations happening on the forum - especially since the chat is annoying to navigate.

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