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THX Logo Theme

Discussion in 'Notation' started by David Healey, May 29, 2018.

  1. Saw this on Twitter, thought you guys might find it interesting.
  2. Oh I see, looks like some jump ropes nodded together..:D
  3. Who's working on the mockup?
  4. Here ya go! :D

    This is according to the "score". I didn't bother much with trying to match the synth.
  5. Excellent, this is why notation is so important. If you have your music down on paper someone in a thousand years will be able to perform what you created.
  6. Are you sure about that time signature..... :)
  7. Haha :D That was good one. That thread should go into redbanned grill / bar. lol!

    let me make later my own version too :D
    Does it need a time signature anyways? ;))
  8. Ahahahah this is fun :D

    Here's my attempt at the Mockup. 30 minutes well spent.
  9. Hahaha I wish it sounded that nightmarish in the beginning.

    Edit: Just found the original and it does, actually.
  10. I think the opening of the dune soundtrack borrowed this idea (afaik, thx logo is from 1982 and this ost is from 1984):

    Apparently there is also a 2015, updated version that was created completely digitally:


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