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Thomas Bergersen - American Dream (preview)

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Andrew Christie, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Looking forward to this!

  2. Full release came out yesterday:

    Say want you want about his more 'modern' stuff - but you cannot deny the guy has chops.
  3. #3 Alexander Schiborr, Aug 2, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2018
    Hmm? Who said something? Cant see anybody has said yet anything here...Sure he has chops, nobody has ever argued about that.
    I like Thomas Music, not everything he does, and definitely some tracks are super! And btw: This music example has nothing but nothing, and again: Nothing to do with modern (epic) music. Thats not modern, what he presents there, but not 1 percent. If you refer with your post to his more modern epic music, then his new album doesn´t fit into that at all because it goes back to the old classic filmmusic style. But when we stick to his modern epic music, it is also well crafted. But he is an exception. Many and I say many other composers fall down because they feature very often boring melodic ineffective lines with overused chord progressions such as Cm, Ab Maj, Eb Maj, Bb Maj. (which is not a bad progression) and their orchestration in a nutshell is pretty much this: Strings, lowbrass walls and Taiko percussion. So the music is not only limited by compositional aspects but also by orchestrational limits. If that is something you like, then that is great and I have no problem with it, but probably there comes this discussion from that some composers say: you don´t need to be a skilled artist to write in that idiom. While I think every music has its place, also the epic music either good or bad one, I can understand that not everybody likes that kind of music and I can understand that some composer ecpsecially those skilled ones which come the older times gain an anticipation towards that style. Its not only the style but oversaturation of that music in film, tv, radio, Games. Its so omnipresent that it is hard to escape from it sometimes :D
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  4. #4 Andrew Christie, Aug 2, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2018

    Alex - I know no one has said anything - it was a general comment lol. Just posting for anyone who is a fan of him, like myself.

    Another thing - I've got ears man - I know this has nothing to do with modern epic music. Not sure what the point of that statement was haha.

    There are a lot of people (mainly in our community) who don't have a taste for his more commercial sound which was what I meant by the first comment. Me pointing out the guy has chops was in appreciation and rhetorical. Dunno why I have to explain this :confused:.
  5. Mate, I cannot always read out rhetoric in your post.
  6. No worries - all good Alex.
  7. I like the "American Dream" album. Some of the tracks reminded me of Copland. Thanks for posting this. The sound was excellent. Does anyone know if this was a live orchestra or samples? If samples, the mix and mastering were awesome.
  8. #8 Alexander Schiborr, Aug 15, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
    Gooood god..I listened to this album on youtube again this morning, and don´t kill me guys. but my fiance has a headdache now and I can understand that for quite a bit. While I think his general ideas are absolutely cool he shits on taking rests, and so this album is all over the place and mixes so many styles and devices but often I feel not in pleasing way just for my understand that it makes sense to me. Its just too much. Melodies are freaking busy most of the time, no resting notes which generates a gravity and meaning, no quiter dynamics, it is either romantic part or fanfaric bang part at ff. And the change of style often makes no sense to me. e.g. he starts an idea..with that western style thing, then he makes it epic adding choirs, then a complete different idea which sounds almost strauss like or modern beethoven like. It is totally inconsistent for me.

    I know technically it is all impressive there and thomas is for sure a great composer, and he loves that stuff, I know that. But this thing is just not my world. Each of his ideas are cool, but it feels like he wanted to write in one album the whole western classic soundtrack style and mixed everything but that makes stylistcally a chaos to me. There is no leitmotivic approach in this album where he sticks to one idea more and the rousing orchestration is just too much and too similiar with its choice of presets also. Don´t get me wrong: He is very skilled and he can write a shitload of great stuff what he did there...but it is just too much. And there comes the point for me: Memorability. I can´t remember much from any melodies there..not even one..

    I appreciate that album mostly because of the performance, style in orchestration and technical aspect. But asthetically and stylistically its not my liking at all. And thats not because he can´t do that stuff, he just doesn´t want I guess. Also it is easier to sell such music to his more epic fans because they can relate better to that banging music? He is a bit like a Zimmerish version of Wiliams and other classic soundtrack composers for me.

    How do you feel about that? Do you think I am wrong or right? I just am interested to hear some opinions by other mates here. Maybe I just don´t comprehend that album and you can help me to see the things and understand that better?
  9. At least I could listen to this album. I cannot say that about any of his other stuff I have heard. The sound quality was good.

    Comparing this newest album to his other stuff, it is definitely moving in the right direction. Maybe if he keeps learning, eventually he will write something we can agree is worthwhile.
  10. Hi Alex - a lot of good points here and I can agree with most of it. I think that's just what he loves to do and how he likes to write - it's all a bit schizophrenic - I can be a bit like that in my writing at times so I can really dig it in small doses. I also think it comes from the fact he's written so much trailer music where for the most part it's 2-3mins to grab you by the balls - so it may be kind of ingrained in him to be like that even over 45mins lol. This also leads him over produce and hypercompress his mixes which is very tiring on the ears. I've only been able to listen through the whole thing once. Lots of cool stuff but not very focused (and this coming from a big fan).

    I think I read on his Facebook just before this was released that he's also got a symphony in the works. Will be interested to see if it's a bit more nuanced.
  11. #11 Darren Wonnacott, Aug 17, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2018
    Hey Paul,

    It was recorded with an orchestra.

    Best regards,
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  12. I feel the same when listening to this music... it's like butter with sugar and cream on top, drowned in vanilla ice with honey on a bed of chocolat chips and marshmellows swimming in Coca Cola extract and everything in a big swimming pool filled with milk shakes. And from the showers rains a never ending stream of Smarties.

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