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The Unofficial RB What Are You Drinking Tonight Thread

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Scott Steinmetz, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Breakfast and lunch, you mean.
  2. I'm a Macallan 18 guy, that's my go to, always neat with a glass of ice water on the side to keep the palate nice and clean. I won a bottle of Fine Oak 21 in a poker game a few months back and have been waiting for the right occasion to open it. I used to turn my nose up at Jamison but the Black Barrel will actually do in a pinch (some nice vanilla notes there). And on the cognac side, I shared some Hennessy Pure White with my dad last time I was home........Interesting. Light and fruity in a good way with a very round finish (if that is a thing). Surprisingly enjoyable.
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  3. Linie Aquavit right now. There's a local gin called Stump Coastal Forest gin that's got a very pine-y taste that I've been raving about lately too; never thought I'd enjoy gin so much.
  4. [​IMG]
    Tonight, first day of this years second military service:
  5. Man, this thread made me thirsty. Had to give up alcohol (hopefully temporary) awhile back, liver enzyme issues.

    Before I stopped, I was testing recipes from How To Archer. Some great drink recipes in there, especially the Bloody Mary. Someone please drink one on my behalf and share the details - I need to be your alcohol voyeur :(
  6. Some 1800 Reposado......and some Lagunitas.

    Screw it, I'm sorta trailer trash tonight.

    Buddy I helped out on his composition and mix got a track selected for a horror show last night, so I'm celebrating. Also, wife and her friends took off for NY and then Egypt for 2 weeks. Freedom, sweet blessed freedom. Thank god.

    They're off:

    [​IMG]Untitled by Lord Funktfied, on Flickr

    Wife on the right, her best friend 2nd from L.

    Stoked for her to have a good time; shit, all of them. They're all amazing women and deserve this experience. Just glad they're out for a minute lol
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  7. Nobody has been drinking for over a month?! Really?

    Captain Morgan's and some Lagunitas Sucks.

    Whatcha got?
  8. Tom Collins is on the menu this weekend :D
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  9. Tonight is just a gin and tonic. Earlier today, I made Alton Brown's Bloody Mary recipe. I really like it. Alton got all nerdy and distilled the reasons the bloody mary ingredients are what they are (citrus and tomato juice for nutrients, salt and worcestire to replenish the salt lost during the night before drinking, vodka for hair of the dog, etc), and the result is a surprisingly clean, refreshing brunch beverage.

    Oh, and Gharun, something funny happened. I went back and forth between Macallan 12 and 10, and I actually prefer the 10. Just feels a bit smoother, nicer on my palate. Weird, right?

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  10. #31 Gharun Lacy, Sep 10, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017

    Mike not really. Each one is has a special place and function. For me the 10 wears it's oak right on the front. Nice kick. What I love about the 10 is that it finishes like a champ. Like an exciting one night stand where the you wake up and she's gone with just a note that says "That was dope!". The 12 is sweeter and lingers a bit (in a good way). She doesn't make you breakfast but you get to watch her get dressed at 4 in the morning.
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  11. If anyone is looking for a great beer, check this bad boy out. It's like someone made Guinness flavored Guinness with more kick. Beautifully enjoyable.
  12. Well said, sir! My buddy Paul had a similar observation. We found that adding a sprinkle of water to the 12 opened up this nutty, chocolatey finish that (as you said) lingers nicely. Completely different style, but nice in their own way (insert innuendo here!). :)

  13. I feel like I'm way outside the in-group of scotch and whiskey drinkers here. I'm on Peroni, Stella Artois or Vodka...and coffee.
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  14. Sam
    If you like the pale/blonde stuff try Duvel for a unique kick in pants. You could also go with a Leffe Blonde (this stays in my fridge). The Duvel is a real mad man, though.
    upload_2017-9-10_16-43-8.png upload_2017-9-10_16-43-33.png
  15. I've had the Leffe before, it's wonderful. There's a local one called Kosciusko which is absolutely fantastic. Not sure it's got an overseas market though.
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  16. My companion for the masochist experience of watching my Redskins play late. 21246601_10156574350749428_6177872384079149221_o.jpg
  17. And just in case my "Alki" credentials were in question here is me (A black guy in lederhosen) and my wife at Oktoberfest in Frankfurt. Would have more pics but after a few 1 liter beers all of the pics are blurry or of peoples feet. IMG_3994.jpg
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  18. Black Lederhosen Matter. As Confucius probably didn't say, this great photo is worth 10,000 words.
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  19. :D

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