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The Unofficial RB What Are You Drinking Tonight Thread

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Scott Steinmetz, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Figured if you guys are anything like me, you might imbibe once in a while.

    Tonight is a special Lagunitas run called LAG...I dig their Lil Sumpin Sumpin, so figured I might like this. 1800 on the side for some flavor.

    What's in your glass?
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  2. Tonight I'm drinking The famouse Grouse: Blended Scotch Whiskey.
  3. I'm a fan of you, sir. Enjoy!
  4. Laura Beth's been on a Clase Azul kick, and I all but have to roll dice to choose between Stranahan's, Blanton's and Macallan 15 these days. Best part is I'm never disappointed, no matter what. I also just got those little silicone trays to make the big ice cubes. I like those!
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  5. Love some Macallan.

    Dude, I have little trays that make Death Star ice cubes...Williams Sonoma has Darth Vader ones too.
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  6. I use ice stones, or whisky stones I think its called. Keeps the drink chilled and doesn't water it down. Its really nice if you are gonna slowly enjoy a drink over long time.
  7. #7 Michael Antrum, Jul 5, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
    If I were at home right now I would be relaxing with a bottle of Taylor's vintage port. After a hard day working to expand the empire for Her Majesty, there is nothing finer than demolishing a bottle of a fine old port whilst blaring some Elgar out on the Sonos.

    However, as it happens I'm stuck in a hotel in North London, and when it comes to Kronenberg 1664 beer, all I can say is I don't know how they managed to get the cat to sit still on the bottle....

    Edit: Look, we're all adults here (well most of us) so I think we should perhaps have 'cocktail corner' where we share some of the more bizarre libations we have all come across during our 'tasting' careers. You know the sort of thing, the actual recipe of the drink, what happened in the immediate aftermath, and how much the judge fined you afterwards.....

    Edit: Edit: Perhaps we could call it 'off your Facebook' ?
  8. Never been a Four Roses fan but i'm liking the single barrel, packs a punch too..
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  9. 17 years old, Everclear and something lemony, woke up in Canada and all the signs were in French.....took me a minute to get back to Detroit. Never touched that stuff again...
  10. Q: How could I not support this? A: I could not not support this, any more than I could not not not use double-negatives.
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  11. I'm all about the bourbon right now, I've been enjoying a great bourbon that wasn't round my area for a while, but now is. Hudson Baby Bourbon, about 55$ a fifth. Has a smooth, slightly sweet flavor, with a great smoke on the tongue, and a velvety finish. Really solid... a hidden gem. I found out about it from my friend, Paul, who lived in upstate NY, and told me about it (Hudson, in New York... get it?). :)

    I can only have one or two on a night, because after that, it's a waste of good bourbon on drunk taste buds; but man, it's a phenomenal first glass.

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  12. I think the baseline Four Roses is not that good, but the higher end single barrel is really tasty.. but I've only had one at a time... so I'm not sure how much it hits me. :)

  13. Nice man, love the description. I'll try and find it (the Hudson) and give it a shot. Thanks!
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  14. Yep, I know the Hudson Baby, don't have it in the house though... that might be a good addition.
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  15. You guys need to try some Tasmanian whisky sometime soon. Oh man its something else. I do like that they're not trying to do things exactly like other regions - well, mostly because it just doesn't work there. But they are making some damn fine drops, of which Hellyers Road Distillery are my current favs. Single Malk Slightly Peated is doing it for me right now. https://hellyersroaddistillery.com.au/products/ if anyone's interested.
    Next time I do a USA visit, I might just have to bring some aussie whisky over with me to share..... :)
  16. Flew to Denver last week to help out an old friend with some work...in addition to paying me handsomely, he also gifted me a bottle of Connemara. What a flavor.
  17. Today - because it was a good day - I'm having a bottle of red wine with my significant other. A nice dark Merlot.

    Looking forward to update here next week during my yearly military service - gotta taste some nice single malt ;-)
  18. Haven't tried Angel's Envy - still mostly going back and forth between Blanton's and Stranahan's for my "casual drinking."
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  19. Highly recommend! If you do...interested to hear your thoughts.

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