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The Guitar thread

Discussion in 'Current Gear' started by T.j. Prinssen, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. One thing I've noticed about this place so far is the amount of (converted) guitar players.
    So.. let's talk all things guitar related!

    I show you mine, you show me yours.. right!?

    This is by far the best guitar I've ever owned, and (sadly) it's also my only guitar at this time:
    I've been selling of my collection over the last few years.. I just had no reason told hold on to them anymore now I'm no longer teaching or gigging.
    Actually now that i think of it I've barely played AT ALL the last 6 months.. my skills are definitely the worst they've been for the past 16 (or so) years, but I've been down this road before:
    I guess once things are 'hardwired' into your system it's really quick and easy to get back to a certain level.
    On the bright side.. as my guitar skills are going down, my piano skills are increasing ;)
    p.s. This thread deserves a better name, If you can come up with one I'll change it!
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    Love that Suhr, dude....I've owned everything from the lowest LTDs to Suhrs and Andersons, from 6 to 8 strings. Guitar is my main thing, this orchestration stuff is just another way to be creative. These two are the only that I have at the house atm......the one on the right is a custom deal, buddy of mine started building guitars and did this one up for me. Based on a Bartlett '59 template, SS frets, ebony board, gold MOP inlays. Currently sporting some PRS McCarty pickups in drop B lol.

    Custom has a Painkiller bridge and Emerald neck.

    Saving for a Kemper now, after having had an AxeII for about 18 months...grass is always greener, you know?

    Hoping I can snag it before BF sales on libraries lol.
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  3. IMG_0246.JPG Here's mine.

    A Frankenstein of a Les Paul. A first run Gibson Robot body (a lighter body than a usual Les Paul due to bigger cavities, which I prefer) with ebony fretboard, Seymour Duncan pickups and Grover hardware. I put it together myself so can never part with it!
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  4. One day i'll own a black LP custom, one day...
  5. [​IMG]

    I bought a guitar but I got ripped off - it only has 4 strings and the lines are drawn on.
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  6. Totally ripped off. That'll learn ya.

    So........ when are we going to hear your "Birdland" rendition. Or even better "A Portrait Of Tracy"?

    If you dare say you don't know those I am sending this guy over to your house to speak to you:

  7. That will take some time because to do it the right way, I will have to buy a fretted bass and rip out the frets myself.
  8. Just picked up this Charvel. It's a real sleeper. They can be had used for under $300. It's a neck thru, and the neck itself is probably one of the most comfortable necks I've ever played. Comes equipped with SD Blackouts. Sounds fantastic.

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  9. Crappy picture of my PRS. Favourite guitar I've played, so much so that I don't really GAS for anything besides tuning options, a piezo pickup and aesthetics.

    Attached Files:

  10. That deserves a better picture!
    Never owned a PRS, always wanted one tough.

    I think my next big purchase will be an Axe Fx or a kemper (or something else? I'm really out of the loop)
    With all my amps and pedals gone, the only sounds I currently have are the DSP amps on my soundcard.
    They're latency free but not very inspiring to play.

    Someone tried both of these units? Preferences? why?
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  11. Fantastic guitars! The only other brand I'd probably consider (price notwithstanding) are custom shop models. Hands down the best production guitars around, IMO.

    I haven't used either a whole lot, but from what I gather, the Axe-FX allows you to create your own amp sounds whereas the Kemper legitimately models actual amps. Different uses, it seems.
  12. I'm not that interested in the 'legitimacy' of the amp models, it's not responding like the real thing anyway.
    I need the unit that's the most intuitive and inspiring to work with, and has best sound quality (especially for dreamy delay sounds).

    I'm seeing AxeFX II on the 2nd hand market for reasonable money, so I guess there is a newer version or will be soon.
    Still out way out of budget but I might as well start saving
  13. That's fair, though I think the Kemper is the closest thing to a real amp responding like a real amp. The Axe-FX is pretty darn popular and can do just about anything, but it's indeed pricey.
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